Jeffrey Epstein 'ordered masseuse for pal Prince Andrew at LA hotel three years BEFORE he claims they met'

JEFFREY Epstein ordered his masseuse to massage pal Prince Andrew at a five-star Los Angeles hotel, three years before he claims to have met the billionaire perv,  she has claimed.

The experienced massage therapist, who says she saw the depraved billionaire on five occasions as a client in the late 1990s, told Sun Online that he introduced her to the Duke of York and she agreed to meet him while he was visiting Los Angeles.

Speaking anonymously, the woman, who is listed in Epstein’s Little Black Book, alleges the meeting happened in 1996 at the five-star hotel, where the royal was staying at the time during a vacation in California.

Asked if she met the Prince while working for Epstein, she said: “I did meet him. Jeffrey called me, I do remember, and he said, ‘My friend’s coming into town, will you massage him?’ And I said, ‘You know it’s just [innocent], and he was like, ‘Of course’. That’s all, it was normal.”

Quizzed on where she massaged Prince Andrew, she replied: “Bel Air Hotel, probably 23-years-ago. He just said, ‘Will you work on one of my friends, he’s hurt his back and he needs a massage'. I went over and that was it, it was a thousand years ago.”

The woman refused to divulge any further details of her meeting with the Prince, but insists he never came onto her sexually.

However, her comments cast doubt on claims by the Duke he was not close to Epstein and did not meet him until 1999.

In his car-crash interview with BBC Newsnight, Prince Andrew claimed he and Epstein "met through his girlfriend [Ghislaine Maxwell] back in 1999".

He also claimed "they were not close" and didn't spend much time together.

The unnamed masseuse however believes the men were “good friends” and her experience suggests Epstein would go to great lengths to please the Duke when they spent time together, using his connections to make sure he was well looked after.

It comes after another masseuse Monique Giannelloni told The Sun the prince regularly invited massage therapists to his room at Buckingham Palace and would strip down to just a towel.

Monique claimed she had been introduced to the Duke by Epstein's alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew has been accused of sensational claims he bedded a 17-year-old and has faced mounting criticism for his friendship with the disgraced tycoon, which he denies.

A number of his claims from the explosive Newsnight interview have since unravelled.

The therapist says she massaged Epstein while in her 20s living and working in LA, saying: “So many people have called me about it, I’m like, ‘How did I get on this list?' I massaged him [Epstein], he was my client, but he never came onto me, I told everybody this.

"All this weird stuff about him, I was kind of surprised because it wasn’t the man I met [but] I was in my 20s, I was too old for him.

“I would remember if he came onto me because I used to get really p****ed off when guys would, but he never did, and there was nothing weird.

"He did tell me he had an island and I was like, 'That sounds cool’ but that was it, I never went.”

Prince Andrew has always denied any wrongdoing, Buckingham Palace declined to comment on these latest allegations.

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