Kids made to die first by starvation cult ‘to meet Jesus’ as 200 bodies found

Kids were said to be the first victims of a sick starvation cult so they could "meet Jesus" first, with 200 bodies now found.

Of those hundreds of deceased in Kenya, many are said to have been harvested of their organs and children were ordered to die first so they could meet their religious idol.

Some children were even buried alive in a sick ritual, with Kenyan cult leader Paul Mackenzie facing charges of terrorism following the gruesome discovery.

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Hundreds of dead bodies have been discovered since mid-April.

Mackenzie is believed to have told his followers to starve themselves to death so they would enter heaven before the end of the world, which he says was set for April 15.

Since then, organ harvesting and child suffocation has been seen in the mass graves and sickening discoveries continually made by investigating bodies.

An ex-member of the cult has revealed they were shut in huts "for five days", with Titus Katana speaking of the horror to The Sunday Times.

They said: "They were shut in huts for five days without food or water. Then they wrapped them in blankets and buried them, even the ones still breathing."

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Another former cult member, Stephen Mwiti, 45, revealed his anguish following the disappearance of his children and wife, Joan, who are believed to be among those cult members missing.

He said: "Some survivors told me that my wife was allowed to breastfeed him for one day only. After that they closed his eyes, a hand was placed over his mouth and nose, he was suffocated.

"Everyone clapped and celebrated. The son I never met was going straight to heaven."

Mackenzie, his wife and 16 other suspects will appear in court at the end of the month, with 610 people so far reported missing by their families.

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