Killer elephant brutally gores dad with tusks during frenzied safari rampage

A rampaging elephant stabbed a park ranger to death with its tusks in a frenzied attack at a safari park in South Africa that left the father "unrecognisable".

Elephant handler Kabelo Mashao, 36, was on park patrol when he noticed one of the huge beasts open a latch on a safety gate at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve near Ceres in South Africa.

The father-of-two stopped his 4×4 and told his colleague to stay in the vehicle while he approached the elephant he reportedly "knew well".

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As he tried to lure the elephant back into camp the elephant became spooked and charged his handler and knocked him to the ground with its heavy trunk then stamped him to death.

A park employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “It is normally a very friendly elephant and Kabelo knew it well and went over to try and get it back in the open gate.

“But they say it just trumpeted and went for him and then stamped on him repeatedly and drove its tusks through him several times killing him instantly and leaving him unrecognisable.

“His colleague was helpless to do anything and is in a terrible way from what he saw and we just don’t know what went wrong but it was all over and done with very quickly” he said.

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Managers at the luxury Big Five game reserve where a lodge for two cost between £250 a night to £550 a night had to break the news to Kabelo’s wife of three years, Busi Magagula.

She is said to be “distraught” and posted on Facebook “RIP my lovely husband”.

Reports suggested that Kabelo had volunteered to be on duty so others could take the day off for a national holiday.

African bush elephants kill some 500 people a year and are the biggest land animal in the world, standing at up to 13 feet tall and weighing around 12,500lbs.

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