Kim Jong Un EXECUTES University minister for ‘complaining’ about work and 'not holding enough Zoom calls'

ASTONISHING reports claim Kim Jong-un has executed a leading University minister after he “complained” about work and "didn't hold enough Zoom calls.”

The shocking details emerged that the trigger-happy North Korean dictator sentenced the high ranking chairman to death following a failure to “implement the Distance Education Act.”

The latest incident was revealed by Daily NRK, wtook place following an investigation into the Ministry of Higher Education for a number of failures certified by the Organisation and Guidance Department (ODG).  

They said: “The OGD conducted an investigation because the commission failed to make any progress and because some had criticized the government’s policies.”

Their report suggests that among the allegations, members reportedly “complained at every meeting” about their work, with many up in arms at a lack of resources provided by the state.   

Ministers were also accused of being too slow to carry out “the distance learning policy” which the inspectors say was progressing poorly with things not being done in the right manner.

They conclude that, following the execution of the unnamed minister, the new commission has been “reorganised” under the leadership of Ri Guk Chol, the president of Kim Il Sung University.  

Among new measures, “they plan to do video conference calls on a regular basis,” a source confirmed.

Kim had already made key education changes this week after he announced he was opening a Nuke School which will focus on “hypersonic missile technology.” 

However, this barbaric incident comes as just the latest in a long line of trigger-happy executions made by the North Korean dictator.

Only last year, The Sun reported that he fed a screaming general to flesh-eating piranhas in what was described as a Bond villain-style lair.

Other incidents include the ordering of a firing squad to kill five aides after his summit with Donald Trump in 2019 ended without a deal, as well as ordering 11 musicians to be "blown to bits" by helicopters in a “terrifying execution.”

But while Kim's execution methods are said to range from anti-aircraft guns, man-eating dogs, flame throwers and even killer fish – it's clear there is a fair bit of disinformation regarding certain details.  

Speaking on the matter last year, Dr John Hemmings, Director of Asia Studies at the Henry Jackson Society, told the Sun Online that it is hard to verify stories about the “utterly bizarre” regime which has been a diplomatic basket case for decades.

Dr Hemmings, who briefs the UK Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence on matters relating to Asia, added that dictators such as Kim view these measures as “a necessary exercise” to maintain the regimes ruthless grip on power.

He added that the North Korean leader is just following the example set by his dad and predecessor Kim Jong-il.

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