Kitten survives 250-MILE lorry journey from Southampton to Merseyside

Eight lives to go! Miracle kitten survives 250-MILE journey hidden in Asda lorry after crawling under bonnet in Southampton and ending up in supermarket in Merseyside

  • The kitten rode 250 miles in the lorry from Southampton to Liscard, Merseyside
  • He was nine weeks old and covered in oil when he was found
  • Rescuers named him Yorkie after the truckers’ favourite chocolate bar
  • The RSPCA urges drivers to check under their cars and bonnets for hidden cats

An adorable kitten survived an incredible motorway journey when he hitched a ride under a lorry bonnet travelling 250 miles from Southampton to an Asda in Liscard, Merseyside.

The cheeky hitchhiker was found by the lorry driver as he made a delivery from Southampton to the supermarket and could literally hear his engine purring.

Workers at the store went to investigate and found the nine-week old black and white kitten covered in oil and very frightened but miraculously he was unscathed.

Rescuers named him Yorkie after the truckers’ favourite chocolate bar, and he was taken to a local vets where the oil was cleaned from his fur.

Yorkie the nine-week-old kitten was covered in oil when he was found after hitching a ride under a lorry bonnet travelling 250 miles from Southampton to an Asda in Liscard, Merseyside

Yorkie was then handed over to Wirral and Chester’s RSPCA where he had a well-deserved rest.

Branch manager, Kay Hawthorne, said: ‘We can’t imagine how frightened Yorkie must have been traveling along the M6 at 60mph next to a big noisy engine for several hours.

‘He was very lucky to survive such a dangerous trip.

‘He has had quite a journey and we are really keen to find his owners.

‘Sadly he isn’t microchipped so this won’t be an easy task so we are hoping someone recognises him and can be returned home.

The young kitten would have travelled along the M6 at 60mph next to a noisy engine for several hours

‘He is a very friendly and loveable boy and is so small – he only weighs 700 grams. He is certainly enjoying plenty of love and attention.’

The RSPCA rescues thousands of cats who have become trapped in vehicles every year.

At this time of year when the weather plummets, it is not uncommon for cats to curl up under car bonnets next to a warm engine to protect themselves from the cold.

Ms Hawthorne added: ‘We’d always urge motorists to take some simple steps to make sure there are no intrepid moggies seeking shelter under their car before they switch on their engines and drive away.

‘A quick look under the car and a tap on the bonnet should help to reveal a hiding cat. Make sure to wait a few moments to give any cat time to crawl out before deciding if it’s safe to switch on the engine.

‘Often cats will be able to crawl out themselves but sometimes something may scare them or they may snuggle into a very tight spot within the vehicle and then become trapped under the bonnet.

‘Yorkie’s adventure also shows the importance of microchipping and the RSPCA advises all owners to microchip their pets so as to offer the best chance of them being identified and returned if lost.’

Kay Hawthorne (pictured), who works for the RSPCA, asks motorists to check under their cars and tap the bonnet of their vehicles before driving in case any cats are hiding under there

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