Kitten’s reaction to playing in snow for the first time thaws hearts on Reddit

Adorable footage shows a kitten react to playing in the snow for the first time, at once amazed and a little freaked out.

In the clip, filmed in Canada's Vancouver Island and uploaded on Reddit on January 2, the six-month-old cat ventures out into the snow with wide eyes.

The curious feline jumps straight into the snow, digging at it excitedly, only to bolt back to the grass an instant later when she is suprised by the texture and coldness.

A split-second later, she is back and attacks the snow with her tiny paws and leaps up into the air.

Unsurprisingly, the clip was a hit with animal lovers on the forum, who heaped the sweet kitten with compliments and up-voted the post more than 67,000 times.

One fan commented: "To me, it looks like he's expecting the snow to be solid ground, and reacting to the fact that the ground is caving in.

"He's afraid he's going to fall through."

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Another wrote: "Such a sweet moment, we're gonna need more.

"Also, thanks for sharing this one."

Someone else said: "Our kittens experienced it for the first time today.

"They absolutely loved it they were jumping around and playing with our dog."

Giving an update, the Reddit user u/SegaDog said the kitten decided she "loved" the snow and played with it for ages until it melted away.

"She ended up making snow balls and playing with them," they wrote.

This comes after a neglected feline in danger of losing an eye was pictured completely transformed after months of tender loving care.

Molly had a tumour and was at "death's door" before finding her forever home.

And a cat that was stuffed in a bin narrowly missed being crushed to death at a recycling centre – and is now "deputy minister of animal protection".

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