Labour sank into the gutter with their accusation that Rishi Sunak doesn't care if paedophiles are locked up | The Sun

Labour shame

SHORT of any concrete ideas of their own on how to solve Britain’s crime problems, Labour sank into the gutter.

A bitter personal attack on Rishi Sunak in a social media advert that directly accused the Prime Minister of not caring if paedophiles are locked up.

It might have been just about palatable had there been any truth in it.

But, hilariously, it turned out sentencing guidelines were drawn up in 2013 by a body of which Sir Keir Starmer was a member.

As then Director of Public Prosecutions you would have thought he’d have known this already. It’s an extraordinary miscalculation from Labour.

Politics is supposed to be a tough business. The Sun will always give the PM both barrels if he lets down our readers.


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But Labour’s dumb attack went way beyond that.

That it backfired so spectacularly on the party’s leader is at least some consolation.

Joe’s disaster

IT is astonishing to see Joe Biden lay the blame for the catastrophic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan on Donald Trump.

Certainly, it was Trump’s deal with the Taliban that he inherited.

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But it was Biden’s haste to get out quickly that led to unnecessary deaths.

It was his decision to pull out without any proper preparation or notice.

It left Britain high and dry and Our Boys still on the ground at the mercy of the insurgents.

And women are now living in fear and girls denied education among the wreckage left behind.

It proved a disastrous foreign policy idea and is a stain on his presidency.

Biden could have done things differently. He was in charge. The buck stops with him.

He should own his deadly mistake.

Jog on, Nike

JUST when women like Sharron Davies were celebrating a ban on trans athletes, along comes sportswear giant Nike with a slap in the face.

Desperate to chase every kind of woke dollar, they have launched an ad for a female sports bra using a trans influencer.

All women, of course, can make up their own minds.

And, perhaps, Just Don’t Do It.

King of people

KING Charles III is going to rule as a man if not of, then at least for, the people.

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It is truly heartening to see hundreds of children, pandemic heroes and charity workers get a prized invite to the Coronation. Each one is surely worth their place in Westminster Abbey.

We can think of no greater honour.

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