Lag who killed body-in-barrel murderer asks court how he can watch Judge Judy

A prisoner who killed body-in-a-barrel murderer Zlato Sikorsky has asked the court how he will be able to watch Judge Judy so he can "prepare".

Isaac James Martin, representing himself in court over the murder of Sikorsky, is alleged to have struck his fellow inmate in the head which led to fatal injuries.

Sikorsky, 37, died in hospital days after being struck and killed by Martin, who recently admitted to striking the criminal in the head, a court has heard.

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The 37-year-old had been awaiting trial over the killing of his teenage girlfriend Larissa Beilby when he himself was struck and killed by Martin in November 2020.

Martin, who has since appeared in court over the incident, pleaded guilty to a single count of unlawful striking causing death at Brisbane Crown Court.

The murderer was more interested in figuring out when Judge Judy would be airing though, in a strange remark passed in court as Supreme Court Justice Peter Callaghan adjourned the court for sentence, DailyMail.

Martin had asked: "Just out of curiosity, how many episodes of Judge Judy do you reckon you could get on cable TV here? Just so I can prepare."

Members of the court were left laughing after Martin added: "You have a great day mate, cheers."

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The court had been told that Martin did have legal representation but it was withdrawn after he refused to see a prison psychiatrist.

Crown prosecutor Philip McCarthy says there could have been "potentiality" for a mental health ruling in Martin's case as his history "may be relevant" to his sentencing.

Sikorsky's death is said to have been captured on video, with Martin interjecting that he had not meant to kill him and believed himself to have been "attacked" by the fellow inmate.

The 37-year-old had been struck and killed by Martin at a time when Sikorsky was awaiting trial over the grisly murder of his teenage girlfriend who was found decomposing in a barrel in June 2018.

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