Landlord denounces poor review after customer’s ‘dog begging for food’ jab

A surprise birthday treat to the Clickham Inn in Penrith, one of the most highly-rated restaurants in the area was a day to forget for one disgruntled customer.

John, a customer of the Cumbrian-based restaurant last month took to TripAdvisor to give it a one-star review as well as a scathing critique of his time there.

He didn't pull any punches as he waded in exclaiming 'WE WONT BE BACK !!!' before saying "Where to start ?…. I was going to write a long negative review but you would probably get bored with reading through all the issues …

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"Main issue was the owner ( Steve) who was so rude ,abrupt and has zero customer service skills. If you like a dog barking at your table begging for food off your plate..then hey ho it maybe for you .."

He continued "The young waiters/waitresses were fine but when we asked for the desert menu ..we were told the kitchen had closed. Out table was booked at 8pm for my wife's birthday, we had starters, mains and several glasses of wine ,drinks etc,

"Steve rudely explained that the chef had been in all day and was wanting to get home .. When asked about his dog begging at everyone's table ..his reply was ..Its a dog friendly pub .

"He continued to emphasise that his customers come for the food ..which was OK..#standard .

"How this restaurant/pub is 2nd on TripAdvisor is beyond me . My wife's birthday surprise meal was ruined by a very hostile owner STEVE …you need to go on a course for customer service!!"

But, unexpectedly the pub owners didn't take John's review lightly saying in reply to his post: "This review was expected and anyone who read your nasty words will be interested to read the truth," she said.

"Firstly, upon entering your entitled self important self was rude and dismissive of our helpful staff to the point that the staff warned me about the terrible people on table 15.

"After being escorted to your table and a short while after your drinks order being carried to your table an experienced member of our staff asked if you were ready to order. This was met with how you wanted to wait until your ready to order and how amateur we were for asking.

"Well the rudeness continued throughout your meal to the point that both staff members were mentioning your attitude to me in disgust."

She went on to describe his anger as 'ridiculous' after she claimed that he'd 'berated' and 'talked over her' during his time in the pub.


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