Limping Putin prays ‘Lord have mercy’ as he asks God for help in failing war

A limping Vladimir Putin has been spotted inside a church as a priest prayed for "victory over the enemy" in the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Footage shows the ailing Russian head alongside Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Valaam monastery in Russia’s Karelia Republic, near to one of Putin’s palaces.

Flanked by his confidant Lukashenko, security and priests, he said a prayer after appearing to limp into the Orthadox venue.

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The visit followed an earlier inspection of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, the main temple used by the Russian Navy.

According to reports, the two dictators joined in a prayer with an Orthodox priest.

In the footage, the priest can be heard incanting: “We pray for the granting of victory to our Christ-loving leaders and our Army over the enemy.

“We pray, all-gifted Lord, hear us soon and have mercy on us. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.”

Prior to visiting the monastery, Putin and Lukashenko had touched the relic of St Nicholas the Wonderworker at the Russian Navy’s main cathedral.

It comes after an expert told the Daily Star that Putin has "lost his grip on reality".

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Anthony Glees said Putin said Prigozhin had stabbed Russia in the back, as if he were the "heir to the Tsarist throne".

The University of Buckingham Professor and world leader in defence analysis added: “It is as if Putin was pretending he was the heir to Tsarist Russia aligning himself to the wrong regime.

“This tells us a lot about Mad Vlad and his loss of grip.”

The Wagner group under Prigozhin made a return to public life just this week, but is now officially based in Belarus.

The leader confirmed on Telegram the news and said they will not be returning to the front line because it is a “disgrace”.

How Putin handles that, however, remains to be seen at this stage.

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