Lotto winner who dumped girlfriend after £9m win admits he still lives with mum

A cash-flashing millionaire who dumped his girlfriend after winning the lottery and splashed out on top-end cars, including a Ferrari, has admitted he still lives with his mum.

Lottery winner Kursat Yildirim, 42, from the city of Dortmund, Germany, made headlines across the world after he dumped his girlfriend when he won the massive €9.9 million (£8.72 million) in September 2022.

The former criminal, who spent time in prison for robbery and fraud, also quit his job as a crane operator before going on a massive spending spree, splashing out more than £1.3 million in his first month post-win.

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But despite winning the life-changing amount of money, he has admitted that he still lives with his mum, saying it was too expensive to buy property in Germany even with his winnings.

He said that he was not embarrassed to still be living at home with his parents at 42.

Kursat said: "I am happy living with my parents. They are here only for half the year anyway, as they spend the other half living in Turkey. But the bottom line is that with the price of houses in Dortmund it's just not worth it to buy.

"To be honest I love it as well, I come home in the evening and my mum is there."

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The former con revealed that on the day he won his millions, he had been regularly taking cocaine, drinking and visiting brothels and casinos.

Kursat, now a former drug addict, revealed he spent nearly £400k on a new Ferrari shortly after he won.

He also bought a penthouse in Istanbul, Turkey, a high-end Porsche and went on a massive spending spree at several luxury stores.

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On top of this, he reportedly bought a 20-hectare almond tree plantation in Turkey, and was even seen negotiating the sale of a yacht

Unbelievably, he managed to win the lottery twice more after his initial win, gaining an additional £3,600 which he gave away

He reportedly founded a giveaway initiative, which he used to pay for a fan’s penis enlargement surgery.

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