Loyal dog cares for its injured friend hit by car on a main road all night until help arrives

THIS PHILANTHROPIC pooch embodies the phrase 'as loyal as a dog' – by patiently guarding its friend after it was hit by a car.

Adorable pictures show a spotted canine tentatively caring for another dog of the same breed, after it was struck on a main road in Brazil on February 14.

The dog can be seen standing guard and licking its companion in the centre of the municipality of Iguatu, before help arrived.

The heartwarming show of solidarity and friendship went viral after bystanders posted images of the caring canine.

Thankfully, it caught the attention of a local animal charity, Adota Iguatu, who found the dogs in the exact same place the following morning.

They named the strays Caju and Castanha after completing the roadside rescue.

Nurse Marina Assuncao said, "We were unable to go to the location on Sunday afternoon because we had no available vets, but on Monday morning we received news that both of them were in the same place.

"I went there with my friend, who is a vet, and we took the injured dog to a clinic," she told local media.

Upon approaching the afflicted animals the spotted pooch became aggressive and protective of its friend, before the vets managed to win over its trust.

Marina explained, "It stayed close to the injured dog the whole time, it licked it and ran its paws over its body as if it were trying to revive it.

"When we put the injured dog in the car, the other one had already jumped on the seat and stayed with its pal right up to the moment it received treatment in the clinic," the Adota Iguatu nurse said.

The indisposed doggo was given food, water, and medication after being rescued.

It remains unable to walk and will soon be seen by an orthopaedist expert nearby to see if it suffered any fractures to the ribs or spine.

The duo have been provided temporary homes while the injured animal receives ongoing treatment.

Marina praised the "companionship" between them and suggested they could be siblings.

"We are not sure if they are siblings," she said.

"They must be the same age, between nine months and one year old, but we were taken by the companionship displayed by the other dog towards the injured one the whole time, from the moment of the accident to the arrival at the clinic and now at their temporary home."

Adota Iguata has launched a campaign to help raise funds to continue the animals treatment.

They hope to put the dogs up for adoption together and have already reported interest.

Dogs are known for their loyalty and ability to establish connections – such as one committed canine following an ambulance and waiting outside a hospital for days while its owner received treatment.

Last year, a devoted dog waited patiently inside a Wuhan hospital for more than three months hoping to be reunited with his beloved owner – who had sadly passed away from coronavirus.

It seems pups establish indestructible relationships with their owners – this one had to be forcibly removed by police when he was found lying next to his deceased owner who had been hit by a train in Mexico.

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