Lucky lottery player scoops second £700,000 jackpot in space of four years

A lucky lottery player is celebrated winning his second $1million jackpot in four years.

Stephen Toto, from Framingham in Massachusetts, the US, scooped the top prize – worth £727,000 – on a scratchcard.

He told Massachusetts State Lottery officials he almost didn't buy the $30 'The Fastest Road to $1 Million' card, but made a last-minute decision while at the counter of a shop.

It was the second time he was won big when he took home another $1m from a $4m Payout scratchcard in 2017.

Mr Toto chose to cash in on the lump sum option for his latest win, taking home $650,000 – £469,000 – before taxes.

It is not the first time someone has enjoyed multiple lottery wins.

Maths whizz Stefan Mandel managed to defy the odds by winning the lottery an incredible 14 times over several decades.

Mr Mandel and his team scooped million by working out a lucky formula, which could predict five out of six winning numbers in a system with up to 40 numbers.

After winning in his native Romania, he was eventually banned from playing, but that didn't stop him.

He moved to Australia, where he secured another 12 wins by buying tickets containing every possible number combination.

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But the authorities eventually introduced new laws to stop his operation, as it was considered not to be in the spirit of the game, MailOnline reports.

He decided to try in Virginia in the US instead, which had some of the cheapest tickets and 7.1million number combinations.

The numbers whizz drummed up enough investment from Australians, and put his plan to work in 1992, when the prize reached $27million (£19million).

He ended up winning the first prize, along with dozens of second and third prize wins – securing more than $30million (£21million) overall.

But suspicions about the legality of the operation led to a four-year legal battle and investigations by the FBI and CIA.

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Although nothing came of it, by 1995 he had filed for bankruptcy.

He was later jailed in 2004 in Israel for fraud.

He reportedly moved to the South Pacific island of Vanuatu after his release.

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