Madness! 17 including father with young toddler caught on frozen lake

Madness! 17 adults and children – including one father with his VERY young toddler – are caught on frozen Wimbledon lake just days after four boys plunged through ice to die as they fed the ducks in Solihull

  • At least 17 people were spotted on Wimbledon Common lake on Saturday
  • Police officers and members of the fire brigade attended the scene of the video
  • Those at the lake were advised of the dangers of walking on frozen lakes

At least 17 people including young children were spotted on a frozen lake in Wimbledon on Saturday just days after the deaths of four children who fell through ice while feeding ducks at a lake in Solihull.

Video posted on social media showed groups of people walking and sliding around on the lake’s surface at Wimbledon Common, some of whom had brought their dogs and toddlers along.

Police arrived to disperse the group and discuss the dangers of frozen lakes with those present.

It comes after the deaths of four children aged six to 11 in Solihull after they were pulled from Babbs Mill Lake on Sunday.

People were spotted enjoying themselves on the lake on Saturday morning in Wimbledon, London

The footage shows multiple couples enjoying the wintry season on top of the lake, as well as parents and children.

Social media user Kerry, who posted the video, said she couldn’t believe so many people were out on the lake.

She wrote: ‘The adults and children are out on Wimbledon common on a frozen lake, this is unbelievable and dangerous!’

Merton Police was alerted to the video online and requested further details of the location.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police and London Fire Brigade attended the scene. 

Merton Police later tweeted: ‘Thank you for making us aware of this.

‘Our officers are there now with @LFBMerton speaking to all involved and advising of the dangers going onto frozen lakes.’

They added: As much as we encourage people and families to get out & have fun, there are real dangers to walking, playing, cycling etc on frozen lakes.

‘Sadly four young lives were lost this week in Solihull.

‘Please stay off the frozen lakes & ponds. It’s not worth the risk.’

In the video, a father can be seen leading his young daughter onto the lake to join the others before the footage ends.

Multiple couples walked over the ice while some brought their dogs along too

A second young child could be seen walking on the frozen lake (far left) as others stood by and watched

It is not the first such incident since the deaths of four youngsters in Solihull. 

This week about 10 people were seen on video as they made their way onto Sefton Lake in Liverpool, some throwing a ball at one another while two women danced in circles on the ice.

Meanwhile in Clapham Common, people gathered around the lake and were seen skating through the middle of the ice.

Local authorities have issued several warnings to parents and the public about the dangers of frozen waters as Britain continues to battle a spell of extreme cold. 

On Friday, London Fire Brigade: ‘Our 999 Control Officers have taken several calls today about children & dogs on frozen ponds & lakes. 

‘It may look sturdy enough to stand on, but it often isn’t. If you fall into icy water, the risk of hypothermia is high & can prove fatal. Stay off the ice & keep dogs on leads.

Some councils are taking drastic measures such as smashing through ice around the edge of ponds and lakes to discourage the public from standing on them.

Finlay Butler, eight, his brother Sam Butler, six, and their cousin Thomas Stewart, 11, are thought to have gone to feed ducks at the Babbs Mill Lake on Sunday afternoon when ice gave way and they plunged into the freezing water.

The fourth victim was ten-year-old Jack Johnson who also fell into the lake at the Kingshurst beauty spot after rushing to try to help the others.

The boys’ parents said: ‘As a family we are devastated at the loss of our beautiful boys Tom, Fin and Sam in such tragic circumstances. 

‘We would like to thank the emergency services for all they did in rescuing the boys and to the community for their support, it has been overwhelming. 

In Clapham Common, people gathered around the lake and were seen skating through the middle of the ice

Families in Solihull  have paid tribute to their ‘beautiful boys’. Pictured, brothers Finlay and Sam

Ten-year-old Jack Johnson was among the boys who lost their lives, with his aunt saying on Facebook that he ‘ran and tried to save’ three other children – aged six, eight and 11 – who had been on the frozen lake when the ice broke

Thomas, 11, died following the tragedy. He was a cousin of the brothers by his mother Rebecca who is their father Daniel’s sister

‘We would like to pass on our condolences to Jack’s family at this very sad time, and ask for privacy from the media to begin to grieve.’ 

Finlay, Thomas and Jack all died on Sunday but Sam clung to life in intensive care in hospital for three days before he passed away. All four are understood to have suffered cardiac arrest.

Thomas’ older brother paid tribute to him and his cousin ahead of the news that Sam had died. 

He wrote: ‘Thomas was such a lively little soul, he had a big heart for such a young kid and he was so beautiful. He loved being outside playing with his mates. 

‘I love you Tom, big bro will take care of the family and I will see you soon. Make sure you keep practising on warzone and get a win, will you?

‘Can’t forget about my dinosaur man Fin, he loved dinosaurs so much and always showing me new things he built on Minecraft and all the new stuff he learnt on it. Gonna miss you little man.’

Hero passers-by — including brave Jack who had rushed to help after hearing screams — tried to pull the boys out of the lake but the trio, and then Jack too, were overwhelmed by the icy water.

Police, fire-fighters and paramedics then battled to bring the youngsters back to life.

A family friend told MailOnline: ‘The boys had gone to the park with their cousin Thomas to feed the ducks.

‘They went out on the ice and then one fell through the ice and others went to help and fell in.

‘Finlay and Thomas — as well as this poor boy Jack — died on Sunday. And then Sam passed away yesterday. His mum Gemma is heartbroken. Everyone is. It’s just so tragic.’

A member of the three boys’ wider family, Josh Butler, thanked well-wishers in the Kingshurst community for their support following the tragic accident.

Extensive underwater searches that were carried out have now concluded.

Superintendent Rich Harris said: ‘This is a tragedy beyond words and a grief that is unimaginable for the families and friends of the boys.

‘The support from the community has been overwhelming, not just for the bereaved families, but also for the emergency services, for which we are extremely grateful.

‘Our officers will remain in the area in the coming days. Please come and speak to us if you need to.’ 

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