Man claims he uses psychic pendulum to ‘help police solve missing persons cases’

A man in the US has claimed he uses psychic powers and a swinging pendulum to help police solve missing persons cases.

Dan Baldwin described how he discovered his psychic abilities late in life after beginning his career working as a ghost-writer and author.

He claimed that one day, he heard a voice ordering him to ‘go and find missing children’, and this overwhelming feeling inspired him to learn from his psychic friends about how to use a pendulum.

Turning to the paranormal, Dan explained on the Coast to Coast show that he uses his swinging pendulum to help solve kidnappings and murders, saying: “Generally when I get called into a case, it’s a cold case.

“If a family comes to me or my associates, we will contact the police and work with the police assigned to that case, not directly with the family."

Dan suggested that over the years, he has had some success to help bring families closure.

“I’ve actually helped find people, and in some cases when the situation is tragic I’ve helped bring the perpetrator to justice”, he continued.

“We found a cold case, and she was still alive after 18 years. We found her, and she was rescued, and the kidnappers were put in prison.

“Even if you find someone who is deceased, you provide closure for the family, so that’s something."

The pendulum works, the supposed psychic claimed, by being held over a map, then revealing answers to questions asked of it by swinging side-to-side.

Dan explained: “Basically you ask questions. A pendulum is just a rock on a string.

“You ask a yes or no question, you know: ‘Is this missing person in Phoenix?’ And it will swing right for yes and left for no.

“Through a series of questions, you can eliminate a lot of information and narrow down your research to very specific areas.”

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