Man dies from eating too much liquorice after downing bag-and-a-half every day

A 54-year-old man has been killed by his liquorice habit, after he ate about one-and-a-half bags of black liquorice every day.

The man, who has not been named, suffered no symptoms but suddenly went into cardiac arrest in a fast food restaurant.

Doctors said the patient had a "poor diet" and ate "lots of candy" and believe his death could be "related to candy consumption."

Dr Elazer R Edelman said in the New England Journal of Medicine his doctors said the glycyrrhizic acid in liquorice was to blame.

Glycyrrhizic acid is the active ingredient in liquorice and can cause "hypertension, hypokalemia, metabolic alkalosis, fatal arrhythmias, and renal failure.”

Hypokalemia is when a person's potassium levels in their blood become dangerously low, which can cause cardiac arrest.

According to the man's doctor, the patient had changed the type of liquorice sweet he religiously ate.

He is said to have swapped from red fruit-flavoured twists to another type made with black liquorice a few weeks before his death.

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Another doctor, Dr Andrew L Lundquist, agreed the liquorice was to blame for the man's death.

He wrote: "Further investigation revealed a recent change to a liquorice-containing candy as the likely cause of his hypokalemia."

Dr. Robert Eckel, a University of Colorado cardiologist and former American Heart Association president said: "It’s more than licorice sticks. It could be jelly beans, licorice teas, a lot of things over the counter. Even some beers, like Belgian beers, have this compound in it, as do some chewing tobaccos."

In November 2019, a man died after he ate 41 eggs in a bet with his friend in Uttar Pradesh's Jaunpur district, in India.

Police say Subhash Yada had just begun eating his 42nd egg when he collapsed and fell unconscious.

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