Man disgusted after finding plastic tag in his KFC chicken

A man from Scarborough was left disappointed and disgusted by the chicken fillet he picked from a drive-thru KFC restaurant which he claims still had a plastic tag on it.

Jack Kempson, 32, who bought food from a new branch of the fast-food chicken chain on Market Lane at Eastfield, near Scarborough, was shocked to discover something odd in his food.

Mr Kempson who spent just under £16 on a meal for himself and his partner claims found a plastic tag in a piece of chicken fillet, after he had already tucked into his meal.

He said: "I noticed the texture. I pulled it out of my mouth straight away," continuing, "I was disgusted. It's a recently opened restaurant. There was a massive queue so I went home instead of going back in."

KFC have since apologised and said that a paper label accidentally ended up in the fryer.

Jack described the mystery object as a piece of red plastic, which had number printed on it and resembled a tag. He also recalled that the tag was not easily noticeable within the fillet, seemingly to have "gone through the fryer" and was buried "under the seasoning."

Mr Kempson added that he was glad it wasn't his partner who is pregnant, who put the piece of 'plastic' in her mouth, also adding: "If I had choked she wouldn't have been able to do the Heimlich manoeuvre because her bump would be in the way."

Jack has emailed the KFC head office with a complaint, attaching the receipt from his purchase and pictures he took of the plastic he found.

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His email to the fast food chain read: "Ordered a boneless banquet as well as other things for my partner at a recently opened drive through KFC in Eastfield, Scarbrough. Paying on card. Sat in the car, ate all the boneless banquet with one mini fillet left. Took a bite out of the fillet to find a piece of plastic tag in the chicken under the seasoning. Nearly choking on the piece of plastic."

Jack, who is still waiting for a reply to his email, has revealed that the bad experience has put him off from returning to KFC.

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The Daily Star has approached KFC for comment.

A KFC spokesperson said: “This certainly doesn’t meet the Colonel's high standards. Our restaurants serve fresh, quality chicken each day and our paper labels are used to mark the time food has been prepared, but it looks like one accidentally got caught up in the fryer.

"We know this wasn’t a great experience and we never want to leave our guests disappointed, so we’re in touch with Jack to make things right.”

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