Man gives ‘kiss of death’ to lethal sea creature with dangerous tentacles

A daredevil has had a potential lethal encounter when he was filmed giving a "kiss of death" to a deadly sea creature.

Juliano Bayd, from Australia, claims he is a marine life expert and knows how to handle sea animals even if one gives a poisonous sting.

In one video, he gives warning and says: "Kiss of death, please don't imitate, I am a professional!"

He is seen cupping a fingertip-sized blue creature in the water just by a beach.

"So today we found the biggest blue dragon I've ever seen in my entire life," he continues.

"Look at the size of him, he's absolutely enormous.

"So we gave him a kiss and then we set him free in the water, as far away from people as possible."

The blue dragons, or glaucus atlanticus, are sea slugs that live in the ocean and are part of the 'blue tide' group of animals which includes bluebottle jellyfish.

He explained that he was trying to save the slug by moving them away from the sun, or otherwise it will get dried up.

While viewers agreed it's a beautiful, seemingly harmless-looking creature, some warned him to put the blue dragon down because of its dangerous sting.

One said: "Why would you kiss it if it's poisonous? Put that down."

A second wrote: "How are you not dead? It's dangerous, don't touch it."

The blue dragons feed on poisonous jellyfish and store the poison to use against its predators while eating the creatures.

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Expert Melissa Murray from the Australian Museum warned beachgoers not to touch the slugs and not to pick them up with hands.

"The glaucus atlanticus normally has tentacles in its system. If another creature tries to eat it they use the tentacles as a defence mechanism," she said.

"So if you do see one, don't pick it up with your hands. Use a bucket with water instead."

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