Man who jumped off waterslide’s roof and belly-flopped shows horrific injuries

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A daredevil who leaped off the roof of a gigantic waterslide before belly-flopping on landing has revealed the horrific injuries he suffered.

The watersports fanatic, who goes by the name La Mascotte on social media, stunned the internet after the stunt during a competition at Frenzy Palace in France was caught on camera.

In the clip, the man perches on the edge of the corrugated iron roof, several metres above the slide, as spectators encourage him to jump.

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He then does just that, leaping down onto the slide before shooting up the ramp and being hurled through the air.

The bloke seems to flail in an attempt to land in the water with the least amount of force but fails miserably, smashing the surface on his side.

And, in a new video shared to his Instagram, he revealed how the terrifying jump left hits mark.

It shows red marks on his thighs and black and purple bruises on his back.

La Mascotte told Lad Bible that the injuries were not serious, but that didn't stop his viewers voicing their concerns.

One wrote: "Damn you really picked yourself up but you delighted us with your big jump."

A second commented: "You need to think about yourself though and you in 10 to 15 years. This is not good and you absolutely know it."

"I hope you have insurance covered, won't be lucky next time," a third warned.

Frenzy Palace have since released a statement explaining all participants in the competition had signed a waiver that it was not the park's responsibility should there be injuries.

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"All participants signed a document/declaration in order to be able to make these jumps without our liability being incurred in case of serious injuries.

"Of course this was reserved for athletes/competitors and stuntmen and not for the general public.

"This competition takes place every year at the beginning of August in partnership with Riding Zone!

"This [jumping from the roof] is of course only possible for professionals/stuntmen.

"The public can't use the roof, it was just for the competition."


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