Man who spat in policeman’s mouth ‘follows through’ after skid mark cell threat

A man who told cops he would leave a 'skid-mark' every time they arrested him has allegedly followed through on his threat after writing his name in excrement on a cell wall.

Leeroy McDonagh, from Irvinestown in Northern Ireland, had just been nicked for throwing a brick through a shop window causing between £800 and £1,000 of damage when he left the dirty protest at Omagh PSNI Station, reports the Sunday World.

Stunned officers opened the cell door to find that he had "managed to sign his name in faeces".

The 33-year-old, who has 89 previous convictions, had been seen by a stunned shopkeeper 'strutting' from the scene while holding his middle finger in the air following the incident on April 28.

A court heard that McDonagh had previously spat in the mouth of a police officer during an arrest nine years earlier, and had other convictions for criminal damage, assault, disorderly behaviour, theft, burglary and possession of a controlled drug.

Another incident saw him sentenced to three months in jail for grabbing a police officer by the crotch, while he was being arrested.

Appearing in Dungannon Magistrates Court via video-link on two counts of criminal damage, McDonagh said "Yes, I broke the window" when asked if he understood the charges.

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A police officer who appeared in the courtroom to oppose bail recounted his litany of cell-based offences and said: "The defendant has a long offending history with 89 convictions including criminal damage to police cells," he said.

"True to his word, he stated to officers on a previous occasion that he has been treated wrongly, and every time he is arrested he will continue to damage cells by smearing his own excrement.

He described McDonagh as having "a relatively poor attitude to bail conditions", and said that he had previously stated that "this is his country and he will do as he pleases".

Leeroy McDonagh will is set to appear by video-link at Enniskillen Magistrates Court on May 25 for his latest offences.

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