Mancunians send Game of Thrones-inspired warning to Boris Johnson

‘The North Remembers’: Mancunians hit out at to Boris Johnson with Game of Thrones memes as their city is plunged into Tier Three lockdown

  • Deadlocked negotiations saw PM impose tighter curbs on Greater Manchester 
  • Many people used Game of Thrones references in their reaction to the news 
  • Some praised Mr Burnham, while others blamed him for costing the region funds

Boris Johnson has incurred the ire of Mancunians after plunging them into the harshest lockdown despite vigorous resistance from local leaders.  

After talks between Downing Street and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham collapsed, the Prime Minister tonight unilaterally imposed Tier 3 restrictions on the region.  

Mr Burham, who was holding out for a minimum £65million support package, furiously accused the Government of walking away from talks and tossing affected businesses into the lurch. 

The PM, who is believed to have offered the region £60million, insisted he had ‘no choice’ but to act amid a surge in coronavirus cases.

But Mancunians were tonight fuming that they face tighter measures after already enduring three months under local curbs.

Invoking the steeliness displayed by northerners in Game Of Thrones, many flooded Twitter with the blunt message: ‘The North Remembers’.

While some hailed Mr Burnham the ‘King of the North’, others were left frustrated that his hardball negotiating strategy had cost the region millions. 

Scroll down for the online reaction to Manchester entering Tier Three lockdown. 

Invoking the steeliness displayed by northerners in Game Of Thrones, many flooded Twitter with the blunt message: ‘The North Remembers’

One person uses a Game of Thrones reference to give a grave warning to the Prime Minister

The hashtag #Manchesterlockdown was trending on Twitter, and used in this tweet of a scene from Game of Thrones showing Tyrion Lannister

Some were left frustrated that Andy Burnham’s hardball negotiating strategy had cost the region millions

A scene from Game of Thrones of a dragon destroying a wall – which one person said was symbolic of the Tories blowing down the ‘blue wall’ they had build up in the 2019 election

Game Of Thrones was a popular theme for Twitter users after the Downing Street press conference tonight

Andy Burnham was hailed as the King in the North by supporters who credited him for fighting for Manchester

Two Game Of Thrones scenes showing Jon Snow gearing up to fight (left) before later being stabbed 

Some people have hit out at Boris Johnson’s three-tier system for being too confusing

Ayra Stark from Game of Thrones issuing the chilling warning that ‘the North remembers’

During Andy Burnham’s press conference he was shown an announcement believed to show the Government only pledging £22million for the region after talks collapsed

A picture of Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, to illustrate a point about the wealth of the city’s two biggest football clubs

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