Married MH370 pilot, 53, bombarded Instagram model twins with 97 creepy messages

THE pilot of missing flight MH370 bombarded young Instagram model twins with creepy messages as his marriage reportedly crumbled.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, sent 26-year-old sisters, Lan Qi Hui and Qi Min Lan messages, begging them to come to Kuala Lumpur.

His 97 Facebook messages were revealed as psychologists claim the pilot was "self-destructive" before the Malaysian Airlines jet disappeared.

He also cheated on his wife Faizah Khanum with flight attendants, one of his pals has now revealed.

Speaking to The Atlantic, a man claiming to be a fellow 777 captain and friend admits his "marital problems" could have been a contributing factor to his emotional state at the time of the apparent murder-suicide.

The fellow captain, whose name has been omitted from the article "because of possible repercussions" claims his pal's marriage was "bad".

“Zaharie’s marriage was bad. In the past he slept with some of the flight attendants."

Friends of the captain also claim that Shah became 'obsessed' with following models on Facebook.


He reportedly spent copious amounts of alone time scrolling through their feeds and leaving "shyly sexual" comments on their photos.

He is described as being a "romantic" and is alleged to have become "disconnected" from reality, spending too much time on social media and developing unhealthy, one-sided relationships with young models on Facebook.

Just before the mystery disappearance he sent Malaysian twin sisters sexually suggestive messages.

On one occasion he commented under a picture of Qi Min Lan in a bathrobe with the comment: "Just shower?"

He repeatedly asked the girls when they were coming to his hometown, despite being ignored.

On Tuesday, it was claimed he soared to 40,000ft so his aircraft would depressurise and the passengers would slowly die of suffocation before he crashed it into the Indian Ocean.

"Troubled and lonely" Captain Zaharie deliberately killed all 238 on board the Malaysian Airlines jet, according to the Independent Group that has worked on the case.

The body is made up of dedicated aviation sleuths and experts whose sole mission is to find out what happened to the doomed flight.

Members were even called into the help in the official search for the plane.

They claim Shah steered the Boeing 777 off course before either waiting for the jet to run out of fuel or even deliberately nose-diving it into the water so it disintegrated on impact.

The new claims are revealed by respected aviation expert William Langewiesche.

He suggests the most likely theory is that Shah either killed or incapacitated his co-pilot before depressurising the cabin to slowly kill everyone on board.

Zaharie, a passionate cook and keen fisherman, lived with his wife in a luxury gated community where he was said to have built his own flight simulator.

In the wake of the plane's disappearance, rumours surfaced claiming his wife had moved out of their home.

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