Meghan Markle 'likely to share family photo with Lilibet' for her 40th birthday in first glimpse of daughter

MEGHAN Markle could share a family photo with Lilibet to mark the proud mum's 40th birthday in what would be the first glimpse of the eighth-in-line to the throne, royal experts have claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex gave birth to her daughter on June 4 but the newborn baby is yet to be seen.

While working members of the Royal Family, Meghan and Harry posed with their son Archie a few days after he was born, gushing over their son's arrival.

But royal fans are still waiting to catch a glimpse of little Lilibet, more than eight weeks since her birth on June 4.

Now royal experts have claimed Meghan's 40th birthday tomorrow could provide the perfect opportunity for the proud parents to share an updated family photo.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier told The Sun Online: "I think it's likely we will see a picture of the family.

"It wouldn't surprise me, if Meghan does release a pic of her with Lilibet to mark her 40th birthday, as they'll will want to emphasise what a happy family unit they are.

"And it will be interesting to see what messages she gets from the royals – I suspect they will post messages, even though in private they are very upset about was has happened."

But other royal experts have warned sharing a photo of their daughter could be in "bad taste".

Richard Fitzwilliams, another royal expert, told The Sun: "The Sussexes are very unpredictable, but I think she will mark her 40th with something like a photo of Lili."

Meghan is celebrating her 40th on Wednesday – the same day as the late Queen Mother.

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Meghan and Harry quit the Royal Family more than a year ago, saying they wanted to become financially independent and avoid the media spotlight.

They broke with tradition when sharing pictures of their son Archie, choosing not to pose on the hospital steps like Kate Middleton and Prince William did when they welcomed their three children into the world.

Mr Fitzwilliams added: "I would expect something online, as they are very savvy about online posting, and their brand has a great many fans, and Meghan's 40th is a very big milestone.

"I would say they would do something to play to their substantial number of fans, and be of worldwide interest, hence the conclusion we would see photos of Lili – I don't know.

"Royal fans have been wanting to see a photo of her for some time."

He was echoed by royal author Adam Helliker, who told The Sun he believed "it's possible" a first pic of Lilibet will be released on Wednesday.

But he warned that should that happen, it "would be slightly in bad taste, as it would be seen as helping to promote the Sussexes’ brand”.

I can't see this milestone passing without us seeing something of interest in the media.

Mr Helliker said that "given the propensity for Harry and Meghan" to grab the limelight, "I wouldn't be surprised if she released a photo of her with Lilibet to mark her 40th birthday".

The Sussexes could share a snap of Lilibet's feet for the first public picture of their baby girl, another royal expert has claimed.

Daniela Elser said the couple's main concern over sharing a pic was privacy as they continue their lives away from the Royal family in the US.

Writing for, Mrs Elser said: "While they might desperately want to be able to offer their daughter a level of privacy that Harry was never allowed to enjoy growing up in the royal fishbowl, the hard truth is that they do still occupy a strange nebulous place between public figures and private citizens.

"Which is why some sort of shot of Lili – a toe! A finger! One tiny hand holding an even tinier hand! – does not seem out of the question."

In March 2021, Meghan and Harry released a rare, new picture of them cradling baby Archie hours before their bombshell Oprah interview aired in the UK.

The black and white pic of them under a tree was shared by photographer Misan Harriman after the couple revealed the news they were expecting a baby girl.

The Sun recently reported that Lilibet was listed in the royal line of succession – seven weeks after her birth.

She is eighth-in-line to the throne.

The naming of Prince Harry's daughter caused a row – after it was alleged that he and Meghan hadn't told the Queen they'd be using her private nickname, 'Lilibet'.

Harry threatened legal action against the BBC over claims he didn't ask the Queen for permission.

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