Merkel crisis as hundreds of FAILED Pfizer vaccinations recorded in Germany

Germany floods: Merkel visits area impacted by destruction

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The scandal erupted after sloppy healthcare staff didn’t give 256 people enough of the vaccine for it to be effective in the northwest city of Bremen. All of the people affected have reportedly been sent a letter explaining the error.

It has been blamed on lackadaisical employees who mixed up old and new vaccination equipment.

This led to some of the shot being left in the cannula, instead of being given to the patient, German newspaper BILD reported.

Spokeswoman Alicia Bernhardt: “It was possible to reliably identify all affected persons.

“They were informed in writing.”

Anyone affected is being urged to contact a hotline and make an appointment with a doctor.

Some will be offered another jab but this is dependent on criteria such as age or state of health.

However anyone wanting another vaccine for peace of mind should be able to have one, it has been reported.

Should they need another vaccination it could take place within three weeks, BILD reported.

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To prevent further incidents, the vaccination centre promised “comprehensive measures”.

This reportedly involves a change in colour coding, labelling of the vaccine and material, and additional warnings.

The error occurred between July 5 and 11 and the centre in Bremen-Mitte.

It emerged as Ms Merkel – who steps down from her post in September – tries to deal with widespread flooding in Germany which has killed more than 180 people.

German police said that 170 are still missing in the west of the country as searches continue.

They said that bodies could be trapped in areas the rescuers have not been able to reach yet as they are still submerged.

Juergen Sues, the deputy police chief of the city of Koblenz in Rhineland-Palatinate, said on Monday the number of deaths will surely rise.

Economy minister Peter Altmaier has promised a full investigation once the recovery effort is over.

Unprecedented rainfall across Europe triggered the floods which led to some homes collapsing.

The head of Germany’s civil protection agency, Armin Schuster, said the weather had been “forecast relatively well” and that all major rivers had been prepared for flooding.

But he told ZDF television that even forecasters were caught by surprise.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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