Met boss warns no one is above the law when asked about Prince Andrew

Cressida Dick warns ‘no one is above the law’ when asked about Prince Andrew ‘rape’ accusation as she orders Met Police review of the case

    The head of Scotland Yard today declared ‘no one is above the law’ when asked about rape claims made against Prince Andrew by a sex slave victim of his paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein. 

    Dame Cressida Dick said a third review into the case is under way – but insisted no Metropolitan Police investigation into the Duke of York is taking place.

    The Met has previously twice ruled out a full investigation into claims young women and girls were alleged to have been targeted, trafficked, groomed, or abused in the UK by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

    One of those victims, Virginia Roberts, claims she was forced to have sex with the royal at Epstein’s behest three times, including once at Maxwell’s London mews house. Ms Roberts, now known as Virginia Giuffre, is suing Andrew in a New York court for alleged ‘rape in the first degree’, sexual battery and sexual abuse, claiming she thought she’d be murdered by Epstein if she didn’t sleep with Andrew.


    When asked about this, Dame Cressida told LBC: ‘Nobody is above the law. As a result of what’s going on I’ve asked my team to have another look at the material.’   

    Prince Andrew is out in the cold today as it was reported that his older brother Prince Charles believes his brother will never return to public life. The Daily Mail understands that both Charles and Prince William have doubts about the way such serious allegations have been dealt with by Andrew and his legal team.

    More than 48 hours after Virginia’s attorney in the US began civil proceedings accusing the 61-year-old royal of abuse, there has been no reaction from Andrew’s camp. He is at Balmoral with his mother the Queen and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. 

    The head of Scotland Yard Dame Cressida Dick today declared ‘no one is above the law’ when asked about rape claims made against Prince Andrew by Virginia Roberts (together left)

    The Daily Mail understands that both Prince Charles and Prince William have doubts about the way such serious allegations have been dealt with by Andrew and his legal team

    Prince Charles, 72, and William, 39, also both fear the scandal could irrevocably damage the reputation of the monarchy, insiders say (file image)

    Andrew would be consigned to the wilderness – whatever the outcome of the lawsuit he now faces – because of the reputational damage done by his links to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    How Prince Andrew, 61, can still be tried for sex abuse claims in civil case even if he never steps foot back in America 

    Prince Andrew is under no obligation to travel to America to defend himself against the allegations – which he has repeatedly denied – because courts can’t extradite citizens in civil cases.

    But legal experts say if he choses not to take part in the case, he could still face a trial in the civil courts in his absence. 

    Before it reaches that stage, however, experts say that the Duke could instruct US lawyers to try and strike out Ms Roberts’ law suit by claiming it to be ‘spurious’.

    If a judge throws out the case, then Prince Andrew will not need to attend anyway. But if a judge decides the case should be heard, then a civil jury is likely to be called, according to Aamer Anwar – a civil rights lawyer and activist from Scotland.

    Mr Anwar says that if the Duke choses not to appear, the trial could go ahead in absentia – his absence. If the jury rules in Ms Roberts favor, Mr Anwar says Prince Andrew could be forced to pay damages ‘into the millions and millions of dollars’.

    After looking at any possible US assets, Mr Anwar says the courts could then apply to claim assets in Britain through the UK courts – in a way similar to how foreign assets are seized in high profile divorce cases.

    He also believes that any judgment against Prince Andrew in the US could put pressure on UK authorities to take action – with one of the sex abuse claims made by Ms Roberts allegedly taking place in London.  


    The future king is among the senior royals who have privately expressed concern over the handling of the Duke of York’s latest legal crisis as it emerged it could overshadow the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee.  

    A source told The Times: ‘The prince loves his brother and has the ability to have sympathy for the slings and arrows that his brother endures, whatever the reasons may be.’

    The source added: ‘However, this will be unwelcome reputational damage to the institution. He has long ago concluded that it is probably an unsolvable problem.’     

    The Daily Mail understands that both Charles and Prince William have doubts about the way such serious allegations have been dealt with by Andrew and his legal team. 

    He has previously denied any wrongdoing and strongly maintained his innocence, claiming to have no recollection of having ever met Miss Roberts.

    Prince Charles, 72, and William, 39, were instrumental in forcing Andrew to step back from royal duties in 2019 in the wake of the disastrous BBC interview he gave in an attempt to clear his name. 

    A royal insider told the Mail yesterday: ‘The family find themselves in an extraordinarily difficult and sensitive situation given the nature of the allegations.

    ‘They are limited in what they can say publicly and now that the Duke of York is no longer a working royal they are actually rather limited in what control they can exert over the situation privately.’

    Last night, sources close to the prince’s family expressed growing frustration with his legal team for the policy of continued silence.

    The duke is said to have personally instructed criminal defence solicitor Gary Bloxsome, of City firm Blackfords, to help mastermind his response to Miss Roberts’ allegations. 

    Mr Bloxsome, a 40-year veteran of the company, has defended British troops against war crimes allegations, as well as footballers in assault cases.

    However, a source close to Andrew’s family told the Mail yesterday: ‘We are beginning to question the tactics of Blackfords. 

    Not to put out a statement reiterating or expanding on his denial may work in a restricted, legal sense, but in the court of public opinion his reputation is being shredded.’

    Miss Roberts’ attorney, David Boies, revealed that he anticipates the case could be heard in New York as early as the ‘middle of next year’. 

    The Queen, 95, is due to celebrate her historic Platinum Jubilee with a series of major public celebrations in June.

    Asked if he felt the lawsuit would be enough to get the ninth in line to the throne to answer questions about the allegations, Mr Boies told Sky News: ‘Prince Andrew is going to have to now. He can’t ignore the process.’

    Mr Boies has previously accused Andrew and his legal team of ‘stonewalling’ both Miss Roberts and the FBI, which is investigating the crimes of Andrew’s friend Epstein. The prince has said he has offered to co-operate with FBI.

    Mr Boies also confirmed new evidence and new witness statements will form part of their case when it comes to court for trial, which he believes will throw further doubt on the Duke of York’s account.

    It is believed he was referring to Johanna Sjoberg, the only other woman to have publicly accused Andrew of sexual misconduct.  

    Andrew is currently holidaying with the Queen at Balmoral, her Scottish estate. Sources have denied claims he was summoned by his mother for crisis talks.

    Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank were on their way to Balmoral today to join her beleaguered father Prince Andrew after a bombshell US lawsuit accused him of sex abuse

    The Duke of York’s younger daughter will be at The Queen’s Scottish Highlands holiday home amid crisis talks for the senior royals after Virginia Roberts, a victim of paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused him of rape in court documents filed on Monday

    The beleaguered royal had always planned to arrive in time for today’s ‘Glorious Twelfth’ – the start of the grouse shooting season – along with his former wife, Sarah, Duchess of York.

    Prince Andrew has ex-wife Fergie at his side after Duchess is brought back into royal fold

    As Prince Andrew is again hit by accusations of sexual abuse from Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, he appears to have an unlikely companion at his side.

    In one of the most dramatic cases of royal redemption, the Prince’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson is accompanying him to Balmoral where he will face his mother for the first time since a civil suit was filed against him in New York.

    Fergie was exiled from the firm following her divorce from Andrew in 1996.

    The Duchess of York has however become a lodger at her ex-husband’s Royal Lodge home in Windsor, and has slowly but surely been welcomed back into the fold.

    And last week, the Mail revealed that Fergie had been invited to stay at the Queen’s Scottish retreat this summer.

    There will also be a major difference because, unlike previous visits, when she had to make a quick getaway before Prince Philip arrived, the Duchess can stay at Balmoral for as long as her ex-husband

    It is believed The Queen has appreciate the loyalty that Sarah has demonstrated to the Royal Family since her divorce and has been impressed by the close relationship she has maintained with Andrew, 61.

    The Duchess has also said she is ‘100 per cent’ certain that Andrew is telling the truth about his part in the scandal surrounding convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

    She told the Financial Times: ‘I want him [Andrew] to come through this. I want him to win.’

    When asked why she was sure of his probity, she replied: ‘No question. I know everything about him. I think he is an extraordinary person.’ 

    The Duchess said she and Andrew, who split in 1996, were ‘the happiest divorced couple in the world’, living under the same roof at Royal Lodge, Windsor, but with their own rooms.

    ‘We support each other like pillars of strengths,’ she added.

    He was joined yesterday by his youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, 31, her husband, Jack Brooksbank, and their six-month-old son, August.  

    The Princess jetted into Aberdeen Airport with her family on a commercial BA flight from London Heathrow which arrived at around 3.20pm.

    Eugenie was first off the plane, followed closely by Jack and their nanny carrying baby son August down the stairs to an awaiting Range Rover.

    It is the also the first time the couple have been pictured together since Jack was spotted sipping rosé on a vintage speedboat off the Italian coast while surrounded by bikini-clad models. A source close to Jack said he was on a business trip to Capri for his tequila brand Casamigos.

    The couple appeared to make a quick stop to chat with ground staff while their luggage was offloaded before driving off the tarmac towards Balmoral Castle.

    Her father Prince Andrew arrived yesterday, travelling by car with his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York, for their annual August jaunt while his lawyers held crisis talks over the case launched by Ms Roberts.

    The 61-year-old was already on his way to Scotland when the legal summons landed at his Royal Lodge home in Windsor. However, with the legal action hanging over him the prince could be in for some awkward discussions with his mother.

    Yesterday Ms Roberts’s legal team claimed Prince Andrew had ‘stonewalled’ against efforts at cooperation ‘for the last five years’ – as it was revealed that the Duke of York could face a second lawsuit from another of Jeffrey Epstein’s victim.

    Mrs Boies, who is representing Ms Roberts in her US civil case against Andrew, said the Duke’s legal team had been ‘totally uncooperative’ in attempts to discuss the abuse claims made by his client.    

    ‘We’ve reached out to Prince Andrew’s legal team, a number of times over the last five years, we’ve made an attempt to engage with him to give him an opportunity to tell his side of the story, to provide any explanation or context, that he might have for his actions to try to resolve this without the necessity of litigation. Every such effort has been rebuffed,’ he told Sky News today. 

    He added: ‘They have totally stonewalled us just like they’ve stonewalled the criminal prosecutors in the United States.’

    It comes as it was today revealed that the Prince could face another US lawsuit from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims who accused the royal of groping her breasts in a sickening attack involving a Spitting Image puppet of himself gifted to him by Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Ms Sjoberg has accused the Duke of York of sexually assaulting her when she was 21 years old and working as paedophile Epstein’s PA.

    The incident is alleged to have taken place in front of Ms Roberts, now known as Virginia Giuffre, who has launched a bombshell legal action accusing Andrew of rape.  

    More than 48 hours after Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s attorney in the US began civil proceedings accusing the 61-year-old royal of ‘rape in the first degree’, sexual battery and sexual abuse, there has been no reaction from Andrew’s camp. Pictured: Johanna Sjoberg who has publicly accused Prince Andrew of sexual misconduct

    Pictured: Princess Eugenie arrives at Balmoral castle on August 11

    Prince Andrew’s Spitting Image puppet, which Ms Sjoberg says was gifted to the royal by Ghislaine Maxwell (right with Jeffrey Epstein)

    The lawsuit – filed on Roberts’ 38th birthday – claims that she was ‘loaned’ to the British royal and forced to have sex with Andrew three times on the orders of Epstein, fearing she would be killed if she disobeyed.

    Ms Sjoberg, now 43, had previously been unable to sue because of the amount of time since the alleged attack. But a pending US law change could now allow her to bring her ­allegations to court.  

    In her civil lawsuit filed in New York on Monday, Miss Roberts – who has accused Andrew of having sex with her on three occasions when she was aged 17, knowing that she had been trafficked by Epstein – claims his actions amounted to ‘rape in the first degree’. 

    He has 21 days to respond and if he fails to do so, she could ask the court to find in her favour without a trial.

    It would raise the prospect of Andrew facing demands for damages. But if he does decide to come out fighting he could face having to give an account of his dealings with Epstein, as well as his previous sexual history.

    Lawyers could also demand access to any communications with Epstein, as well as their mutual friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

    She is due to go on trial later this year for allegedly acting as his ‘madam’ and helping to traffick vulnerable young victims.

    But the prince can – and this is the most likely option for his team – also ask the court to dismiss the case as groundless or try to challenge it on other legal grounds. 

    ‘Handpicked’ to defend the Duke: Leading solicitor who represented clients facing cartel charges, and QC whose clients include Argentinian dictator Augusto Pinochet 

    Solicitor Gary Bloxsome has defended clients in some of the UK’s most high profile cases

    From alleged criminal cartels to Premier League football stars, high-ranking solicitor Gary Bloxsome has defended clients in some of the UK’s most high profile cases.

    He famously defended Wimbledon’s Des Byrne in 2002, when he and Chelsea stars John Terry and Jody Morris were hauled before the courts accused of being involved in a nightclub brawl.

    Terry and Morris were cleared on all charges, while Byrne was found guilty of possessing a bottle as an offensive weapon – but avoided jail and instead was ordered to pay a £2,000 fine.

    More recently, Mr Bloxsome defended Crystal Palace star Jason Puncheon after he too was accused of being involved in a night club brawl in 2017.

    The forward, who last season turned out for Cypriot side Pafos, initially denied a charge of assault, before later pleading guilty. He was ordered to do 210 hours of community work.

    Mr Bloxsome has also previously worked on cases including defending British troops against war crime allegations.

    He also was involved in defending an alleged criminal cartel case involving the Office of Fair Trading’s review into the passenger fuel surcharge.

    Mr Bloxsome is working alongside leading QC Clare Montgomery (pictured) – a extradition lawyer once used by Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet

    Mr Bloxsome is thought to have been chosen by the Duke himself. 

    He is working alongside leading QC Clare Montgomery – a extradition lawyer once used by Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

    Ms Montgomery, of Matrix Chambers, is a specialist with dealing with ‘cross border challenges’, according to her resume. 

    Among her long list of defence clients are Augusto Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile who was indicted for crimes against humanity by Spain during the 90s.

    General Pinochet was indicted on an international arrest warrant for human rights violations by Spain, before being arrested in a London hospital where he was undergoing minor surgery in 1998.

    In 1998 Mrs Montgomery represented the dictator in his case before the House of Lords -then the highest court in the country – in a hard-fought 16-month-long legal battle.

    She also represented the former Prime Minister of Thailand after he was ousted in a military coup in 2011; and Vijay Mallya, who India seeks to extradite from the UK to face financial crime charges.

    The US legal heavyweight who took on Microsoft, George Bush and represented Harvey Weinstein: David Boies is representing Virginia Roberts in Prince Andrew civil law suit

    When it comes to US lawyers, few are bigger than David Boies.

    The 80-year-old is representing Virginia Roberts in her US civil case against Prince Andrew.

    It is a case that will have the world’s attention. But it won’t be the first time Mr Boies has been in the media spotlight.

    One of his long-term clients was Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood film producer, who was found guilty of sex offences in February 2020, and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

    But while his professional relationship with Weinstein proved somewhat of a PR disaster for Mr Boies, he maintains a stellar reputation.

    Famously, he represented the plaintiff in the famous case of Hollingsworth v. Perry.

    The judgment invalidated California’s Proposition 8 – the law banning same-sex marriage. 

    David Boies, 80, is representing Virginia Roberts in her US civil case against Prince Andrew

    Mr Boies also represented Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore in his fight against Republican candidate George Bush. 

    The 2000 case saw a court decide on a controversial recount on the votes in Florida after claims the counting machines had missed votes.

    The courts eventually decided that Bush had fairly won Florida – giving him enough electoral college votes to take the Presidency.

    However, perhaps Mr Boies’ biggest case was United States v. Microsoft Corp. 

    The case saw the U.S. government accuse Microsoft of illegally maintaining its monopoly in the world of computers. 

    Mr Boies initially represented the US Department of Justice in the case.

    After initially deciding in favour of the DoJ, the case was taken to appeal and eventually ended in a settlement between Microsoft and the US government. 

    ‘Prince Andrew committed sexual assault and battery upon Plaintiff when she was 17 years old’: The bombshell Giuffre v Duke of York court documents in full

    Virginia Roberts on Monday filed a civil suit against Prince Andrew, formally accusing him of sexually abusing her while she was being trafficked by billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    Over 15 pages of court documents filed at New York’s southern district court, the 38-year-old makes claims that the Duke of York ‘committed sexual assault and battery’ against her while she was aged just 17.

    The Duke of York has always vehemently denied all charges made by Roberts. 

    Roberts has requested ‘punitive damages’ be awarded by a judge and demanded a ‘trial by jury’ for the ‘physical, psychological’ injuries she says she suffered.  




    VIRGINIA L. GIUFFRE, Plaintiff


    PRINCE ANDREW, DUKE OF YORK, a/k/a ANDREW ALBERT CHRISTIAN EDWARD, in his personal capacity, Defendant.



    Plaintiff Virginia L. Giuffre, by her attorneys Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, for her Complaint against Defendant Prince Andrew, Duke of York, a/k/a Andrew Albert Christian Edward (‘Prince Andrew’), avers upon personal knowledge as to her own acts and status and upon information and belief and to all other matters as follows: 



    Virginia Giuffre filed the complaint against Prince Andrew at the Southern District Court of New York

    1. This suit arises out of Defendant’s sexual abuse of Plaintiff when she was under the age of 18 years old.

    2. During 2000–2002, beginning when Plaintiff was 16, Plaintiff was the victim of sex trafficking and abuse by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

    3. Epstein’s trafficking scheme involved recruiting young girls, often by claiming they would be paid $200 for simply providing a massage to a wealthy billionaire. This same pattern was repeated numerous times with countless children and young women.

    4. As United States District Judge Kenneth Marra found, ‘From between about 1999 and 2007, Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused more than 30 minor girls… at his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, and elsewhere in the United States and overseas…

        ‘In addition to his own sexual abuse of the victims, Epstein directed other persons to abuse the girls sexually. Epstein used paid employees to find and bring minor girls to him.

        ‘Epstein worked in concert with others to obtain minors not only for his own sexual gratification, but also for the sexual gratification of others.’

    Opinion and Order, Doc. No. 435 at 1–2, Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v. United States, Case No. 9:08-cv-80736 (S.D. Fla. Feb. 21, 2019).

    5. Like other minor children who came before and after her, Plaintiff was initially recruited to provide massages, and thereafter to engage in a variety of sexual acts, for Epstein.

        Plaintiff was required to be on call for Epstein for sexual purposes and frequently traveled with him both nationally and internationally. Plaintiff was regularly abused by Epstein and was lent out by Epstein to other powerful men for sexual purposes.

    6. One such powerful man to whom Plaintiff was lent out for sexual purposes was the Defendant, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

    7. Prince Andrew was a close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who spent years overseeing and managing Epstein’s sex trafficking network, and actively recruited underage girls, including Plaintiff.

    8. According to Prince Andrew, he met Epstein through Maxwell in 1999. Prince Andrew thereafter became a frequent guest in Epstein’s various homes around the world, including New York City where he sexually abused Plaintiff at Epstein and Maxwell’s invitation when she was a minor.

    9. After publicly feigning ignorance about the scope of Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation and sympathy for Epstein’s victims, Prince Andrew has refused to cooperate with U.S. authorities in their investigation and prosecution of Epstein and his co-conspirators.

    10. Prince Andrew committed sexual assault and battery upon Plaintiff when she was 17 years old. As such, Prince Andrew is responsible for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress pursuant to New York common law. The damage to Plaintiff has been severe and lasting.

    11. This action has been timely filed pursuant to the Child Victims Act, N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 214-g. The actions described herein constitute sexual offenses by Defendant under New York Penal Law Article 130, and were committed against Plaintiff when she was a child less than eighteen years of age, for which she suffered physical, psychological, and other injuries as a result.



    12. Plaintiff Virginia L. Giuffre is an individual who is a citizen of the State of Colorado.

    13. Defendant Prince Andrew is a citizen of the United Kingdom, and is currently residing at the Royal Lodge at Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, United Kingdom, where he is domiciled.


    14. This Court has diversity jurisdiction over this dispute pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1332(a)(2). Plaintiff is a citizen of a State and Defendant is a citizen of a foreign state, and the amount in controversy exceeds the sum or value of $75,000.00 excluding interests and costs.

    15. Venue is proper in this Court as a substantial part of the events or omissions giving rise to Plaintiff’s claims occurred within this District. 28 U.S.C. § 1391(b)(2).

    16. This Court has personal jurisdiction over Defendant as Defendant sexually abused Plaintiff in this state, and has thus committed a tortious action within this State pursuant to New York’s long-arm statute, N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 302(a)(2).

         Defendant also visited Jeffrey Epstein in this State on numerous occasions. Defendant could reasonably anticipate that a suit based upon his acts and omissions with respect to Plaintiff could result in him being subject to suit in this State, and this suit arises directly out of the Defendant’s acts or omissions with respect to Plaintiff in this state.


    A. Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Enterprise

    17. Jeffrey Epstein was widely renowned as a billionaire who used his vast connections to powerful individuals, and seemingly unlimited wealth and resources, to create a web of transcontinental sex trafficking that served himself, his coconspirators, and some of the most powerful people in the world.

    18. Ghislaine Maxwell is a British socialite and the daughter of disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell. Maxwell was the highest-ranking recruiter in Epstein’s sex-trafficking enterprise. Maxwell is currently facing criminal charges in the Southern District of New York stemming from her role in Epstein’s sex-trafficking enterprise, and is set to face trial in the fall.

    19. Epstein had perfected a scheme for manipulation and abuse of young females. As part of the scheme, Maxwell or another female recruiter would approach a young girl and strike up a conversation in an effort to quickly learn about the girl’s background and any vulnerabilities they could expose. Epstein’s recruiters found their targets everywhere and anywhere, including schools, spas, trailer parks, and the street.

    20. The recruiter would then manipulate the young female into coming back to one of Epstein’s residences by offering the young girl something she needed, depending on her situation. In many cases, the recruiter sought out girls who wanted to be professional masseuses and invited them to one of Epstein’s homes by offering them what appeared to be legitimate masseuse positions.

    21. Once in the residence, Epstein and his co-conspirators would work in concert to impress and intimidate the young female with displays of vast wealth and power. They would brag about their connections to very powerful political and social figures, and display photographs of themselves with those figures around Epstein’s homes. They would normalize the sexual abuse by displaying photographs and art displaying nude females, and a massage table and spa related products in an effort to legitimize the area where the abuse was set to occur.

    22. Once abused, Epstein and Maxwell continued to manipulate their victims, using their financial power, promises, and threats to ensure that the victim returned as directed and remained compliant with their demands. Epstein and his lawyers would even gather information about the victims to use against them if they ever disobeyed him, and his homes were under constant surveillance.

    23. Message pads recovered during trash pulls at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion reflect messages that his staff took to relay to Epstein. They show the constant flow of girls to Epstein, sometimes three per day. Epstein’s employees have also described young girls constantly being present at Epstein’s different homes.

          Epstein’s constant access to young girls is also evidenced in his ‘Black Book,’ a book of phone numbers and contact information listing girls to call for ‘massages’ in various cities, flight logs documenting his frequent travel with young girls and powerful individuals on his private plane, and troves of lewd photographs of young girls recovered from his homes. In his Black Book, Epstein had at least 12 different contact numbers listed for Prince Andrew.

    24. Plaintiff became a victim of sex trafficking and repeated sexual abuse after Maxwell recruited her into Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation when Plaintiff was working at the Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

    25. Between 2000 and 2002, Epstein sexually abused Plaintiff at numerous locations including his mansion in this District, at 9 East 71st Street, New York, New York 10021.

    26. Epstein also flew Plaintiff on his plane nationally and internationally numerous times when she was under the age of 18.

          Only portions of the flight logs of Epstein’s private planes have yet been recovered, and Epstein also flew Plaintiff frequently on commercial airlines to meet him and others.

          However, the chart below, which shows Plaintiff’s flights on Epstein’s private plane from the limited logs that are available, illustrates the international scope of Epstein’s sex trafficking.

    27. In addition to being abused by Epstein himself, Plaintiff was also forced to have sex with Defendant, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, at Epstein and Maxwell’s direction.

    28. As part of their sex trafficking efforts, Epstein and Maxwell intimidated Plaintiff into remaining silent about what had happened to her.

    29. After years of abuse, Epstein sent Plaintiff to Thailand in September 2002. One of Plaintiff’s assignments from Epstein was to bring a young girl back to Epstein in the United States. Fearing for her life, and not wanting to subject another young girl to the abuse she was forced to endure, Plaintiff fled from Thailand to Australia to escape from Epstein. 

    ‘The chart below, which shows Plaintiff’s flights on Epstein’s private plane from the limited logs that are available, illustrates the international scope of Epstein’s sex trafficking,’ reads the document


    B. Defendant’s Relationship with Epstein and Maxwell

    30. According to Prince Andrew, he first met Epstein in 1999 through Maxwell, Prince Andrew’s close friend. Prince Andrew and Maxwell have been photographed at numerous social events together.

    31. According to available flight logs, Prince Andrew began flying with Epstein on his private plane as early as 1999, when he flew with Epstein and Maxwell to Epstein’s private island, Little St. James. Prince Andrew’s name also appears in other available flight log entries from around the same time, showing travel with Epstein and Maxwell to and from other locations, including West Palm Beach, Florida, and Teterboro, New Jersey.

    32. In 2000, Epstein and Maxwell attended Prince Andrew’s 40th birthday party. That same year, Prince Andrew threw Maxwell a birthday party in Sandringham, United Kingdom, and Epstein was among the guests.

    33. In 2006, Prince Andrew invited Epstein to his daughter’s 18th birthday party, despite Epstein being charged with procuring a minor for prostitution only one month prior.

    34. Prince Andrew has himself confirmed that he has been on Epstein’s private plane, stayed at Epstein’s private island, and stayed at Epstein’s homes in Palm Beach, Florida, and New York, New York. See Prince Andrew’s links to Jeffrey Epstein, BBC News (Nov. 16, 2019), available at

    35. Members of Epstein’s house staff have confirmed witnessing Prince Andrew visit Epstein’s numerous homes, both to the media and in sworn testimony.


    C. Defendant’s Sexual Abuse of Plaintiff

    ‘The photograph depicts Prince Andrew, Plaintiff, and Maxwell at Maxwell’s home prior to Prince Andrew sexually abusing Plaintiff,’ the document claims

    36. Prince Andrew abused Plaintiff on separate occasions when she was under the age of 18 years old.

    37. On one occasion, Prince Andrew sexually abused Plaintiff in London at Maxwell’s home. During this encounter, Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew forced Plaintiff, a child, to have sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew against her will.

    38. The below photograph depicts Prince Andrew, Plaintiff, and Maxwell at Maxwell’s home prior to Prince Andrew sexually abusing Plaintiff.

    39. On another occasion, Prince Andrew sexually abused Plaintiff in Epstein’s New York mansion in this District. During this encounter, Maxwell forced Plaintiff, a child, and another victim to sit on Prince Andrew’s lap as Prince Andrew touched her. During his visit to New York, Prince Andrew forced Plaintiff to engage in sex acts against her will.

    40. On another occasion, Prince Andrew sexually abused Plaintiff on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Little St. James.

    41. During each of the aforementioned incidents, Plaintiff was compelled by express or implied threats by Epstein, Maxwell, and/or Prince Andrew to engage in sexual acts with Prince Andrew, and feared death or physical injury to herself or another and other repercussions for disobeying Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew due to their powerful connections, wealth, and authority.

    42. During each of the aforementioned incidents, Prince Andrew acted with intent to compel Plaintiff’s submission.

    43. Prince Andrew engaged in each of the aforementioned sexual acts with Plaintiff at Epstein and Maxwell’s invitation, knowing that she was a sex-trafficking victim being forced to engage in sexual acts with him.

    44. During each of the aforementioned incidents, Plaintiff did not consent to engaging in sexual acts with Prince Andrew.

    45. During each of the aforementioned incidents, Prince Andrew knew Plaintiff’s age based on communications from Epstein and Maxwell.

    46. During each of the aforementioned incidents, Prince Andrew sexually abused Plaintiff for the purpose of gratifying his sexual desires.

    47. During each of the aforementioned incidents, Prince Andrew was acting in his individual, personal capacity, and was not performing any duty relating to his former role as a trade envoy, any duty relating to his role as a member of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, or any other official or diplomatic duty or function.

    48. Defendant’s sexual assault and battery of Plaintiff have caused her, and continue to cause her, significant emotional and psychological distress and harm. 


    D. The Arrest, Prosecution, and Death of Epstein, and Prince Andrew’s Refusal to Cooperate with the Authorities

    49. In 2008, Epstein pled guilty in Florida to the charge of procuring a minor for prostitution.

    50. In 2010, after Epstein had served his sentence and registered as a sex offender, Prince Andrew was photographed with Epstein in Central Park and stayed at Epstein’s New York City mansion.

    51. Epstein flippantly referred to his sexual abuse of multiple minors, and the slap on the wrist he had received for it, in a 2011 interview with the New York Post: ‘Billionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein is back in New York City—and making wisecracks about his just-ended jail stint for having sex with an underage girl. ‘I am not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender,’ the financier told The Post yesterday. ‘It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel,’ said Epstein.’ See Amber Sutherland, Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein: I’m a Sex Offender, Not A Predator, New York Post (Feb. 25, 2011), available at

    52. Around the same time, Prince Andrew began to face criticism over his well- publicized friendship with Epstein.

    53. In early 2015, after Plaintiff had publicly accused Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her, Prince Andrew emailed Maxwell stating, ‘Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts.’

    54. On July 2, 2019, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (‘SDNY’) charged Epstein with sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1591.

    55. Epstein was arrested on July 8, 2019, pursuant to a Sealed Two Count Indictment.

    56. Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on August 10, 2019.

    57. Just one year before his death, Epstein told a New York Times reporter ‘that criminalizing sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history it was perfectly acceptable.’ James B. Stewart, The Day Jeffrey Epstein Told Me He Had Dirt on Powerful People, N.Y. Times (Aug. 12, 2019), available at 

    58. After Epstein’s second arrest and death, numerous of his co-conspirators and the wealthy individuals to whom he trafficked girls—including Prince Andrew—began to face increased public scrutiny for having close ties to a convicted sex offender.

    59. In November 2019, in response to this renewed scrutiny, Prince Andrew sat for an interview with BBC Newsnight. Prince Andrew stated that he did not regret his friendship with Epstein and that he had no recollection of meeting Plaintiff, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

    60. Prince Andrew publicly pledged, including in a statement stepping down from his public duties and in his Newsnight interview, to assist the U.S. authorities with their criminal investigation of Epstein and his co-conspirators.

          A statement by His Royal Highness The Duke of York (Nov. 20 2019), available at (‘Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.’).

    61. Despite this public pledge, Prince Andrew has refused to cooperate with U.S. authorities. Former SDNY U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman stated that Prince Andrew had provided ‘zero co-operation’ despite U.S. prosecutors and the FBI contacting Prince Andrew’s counsel. Prince Andrew gives ‘zero co-operation’ over Epstein inquiry, US prosecutor says, BBC News (Jan. 27, 2020), available at

    62. Prince Andrew and his counsel have also refused to cooperate with counsel for the victims of Epstein’s sex trafficking. Counsel for the victims of Epstein’s sex trafficking, including counsel for Plaintiff, have repeatedly asked for a meeting or telephone call with Prince Andrew and/or his representatives to enable Prince Andrew to provide whatever facts, context, or explanation he might have, and to explore alternative dispute resolution approaches. Prince Andrew and his representatives have rejected all such requests, and responded by escalating their vile and baseless attacks on Plaintiff and others.

    63. On July 19, 2021, counsel for Plaintiff proposed a tolling agreement that would have enabled Plaintiff not to sue Prince Andrew at this time, while avoiding any argument that her failure to do so caused her claims to be time-barred. Again Prince Andrew stonewalled—ignoring Plaintiff’s letter and emails without any reply or response, thereby making this action necessary now. A copy of the July 19, 2021, letter proposing a tolling agreement is attached as Exhibit A to this Complaint.

    64. In this country no person, whether President or Prince, is above the law, and no person, no matter how powerless or vulnerable, can be deprived of the law’s protection. Twenty years ago Prince Andrew’s wealth, power, position, and connections enabled him to abuse a frightened, vulnerable child with no one there to protect her. It is long past the time for him to be held to account.



    65. Plaintiff repeats and re-alleges the allegations stated above as if fully set forth herein.

    66. Prince Andrew intentionally committed battery by sexually assaulting Plaintiff when she was a minor. As described above, on multiple occasions Prince Andrew intentionally touched Plaintiff in an offensive and sexual manner without her consent.

    67. Prince Andrew’s actions constitute sexual offenses as defined in New York Penal Law Article 130, including but not limited to sexual misconduct as defined in Article 130.20, rape in the third degree as defined in Article 130.25, rape in the first degree as defined in Article 130.35, forcible touching as defined in Article 130.52, sexual abuse in the third degree as defined in Article 130.55, and sexual abuse in the first degree as defined in Article 130.65. See N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 214-g.

    68. As a direct and proximate result of Prince Andrew’s criminal acts, Plaintiff has in the past and will in the future continue to suffer substantial damages, including extreme emotional distress, humiliation, fear, psychological trauma, loss of dignity and self-esteem, and invasion of her privacy.


    SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION (Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress)

    69. Plaintiff repeats and re-alleges the allegations stated above as if fully set forth herein.

    70. As a direct result of these allegations as stated, Prince Andrew committed intentional infliction of emotional distress against Plaintiff.

    71. Prince Andrew’s actions, described above, constitute extreme and outrageous conduct that shocks the conscience. Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse of a child who he knew was a sex-trafficking victim, and when he was approximately 40 years old, goes beyond all possible bounds of decency and is intolerable in a civilized community.

    72. Prince Andrew knew or disregarded the substantial likelihood that these actions would cause Plaintiff severe emotional distress.

    73. As a direct and proximate result of Prince Andrew’s criminal acts, Plaintiff has in the past and will in the future continue to suffer substantial damages, including extreme emotional distress, humiliation, fear, psychological trauma, loss of dignity and self-esteem, and invasion of her privacy.


    WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectfully requests judgment against Defendant, awarding compensatory, consequential, exemplary, and punitive damages in an amount to be determined at trial; costs of suit; attorneys’ fees; and such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.



    Plaintiff hereby demands a trial by jury on all causes of action asserted within this pleading.


     Dated: August 9, 2021

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