Mia Khalifa reminds fans ‘of the good old days’ in cheeky cowgirl post

Mia Khalifa has gone for a ride and reminded her fans of the “good old days”.

The former Pornhub legend has got back on the pony with a series of sunny snaps dressed up in short shorts and a wrangler’s top.

Captioning the post she said: “How do you serve c**t in an equestrian way?”

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The various images show Mia in all sorts of shots with the horse in a dusty, hot-looking Jack London State Historic Park.

The park, just north of San Francisco in California, US, is dedicated to legendary American author Jack London – one of the first writers from the country to reach international superstardom for his work.

The images, scattered with bits of shade, show Mia stroking the horse and posing with it.

A beautiful brown and white, it’s geared up with a patterned saddle and quilt that matches the vibe of Mia’s outfit perfectly.

In one particularly sultry snap on the reel, Mia pulls her shorts a long way down to show off markings made on her skin by clothes and jewellery.

In another she is on top of the horse going for a little ride – one she later ends with a very natural-looking dismount.

One of the slides in the carousel however has particularly captured the imaginations of fans, especially those familiar with her former line of work.

It shows Mia drinking – with a lack of precision – from a water fountain in slow motion.

Mia has spoken often about her frustrations with people relating the person she is today to a job she only held for a short while.

Despite that though, fans have been quick to share their thoughts.

One said: “The picture of the water tank brought back memories.”

Another added: “The 3rd reminds me of the good old days.”

The post has been liked close to one million times at the moment of writing.

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