Miracle boy, 4, topples off 70ft cliff and survives huge fall with only grazes

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A four-year-old boy has miraculously survived with just scrapes and bruises after falling 70ft off a cliff.

The unnamed boy was hiking with his family in the United States when he lost his footing.

The distance he fell at Princess Arch, which is in Wolfe County, Kentucky, was the equivalent of a five-storey building – but he walked away virtually unscathed, reports the Mirror.

What made his escape even more amazing was that as well as his fall including a 30ft sheer drop, he crashed into ledges on his way down the cliff.

His panicked dad rushed after him, fearing the worst, but found him safe and well. After getting back to ground level, the pair crossed the Red Rover, where they were met by the Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team.

The rescuers said they were shocked by how the child had cheated death and how he had sustained so few injuries.

Pictures of the youngster show how he suffered only a few cuts and grazes in the incident, and was otherwise fine.

“The physical condition of the boy after the severity of his accident is nothing short of a miracle,” said a spokesperson for the rescue team.

“It is fair to say he was significantly covered in scrapes and bruises, but this is nothing compared with what could have been.”

The spokesperson added: “When we arrived, he was very talkative, and very interested in superheroes.

“At that moment it was immediately obvious to everyone around that the only superhero present was him.”

Princess Arch is a natural arch rock formation that sits inside a forest in eastern Kentucky.

Falling from cliffs is the main cause of serious injuries and death for hikers in Red River Gorge, which is where the arch is located. The gorge is a canyon system within the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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