Model absolutely mortified after elderly post woman delivers ‘extra girthy’ sex toy in tight wrapping that she ordered online – The Sun

A MARRIED model claims she was left red-faced after ordering an "extra girthy" sex toy online – only for it to be delivered in tight wrapping and handed over by her elderly post woman.

Holly-Ann Powell, 19, says she was mortified when her cheeky £8 sex toy was handed to her by the elderly woman who was "gripping it by the balls."

The young woman from Eastbourne, East Sussex says she ordered the sex toy from a private seller online.

But she claims to have been left mortified when her elderly postwoman arrived holding the tightly-wrapped sex toy “like a sword.”

The parcel was wrapped so tightly that it perfectly revealed its length, extra-wide girth and two sizeable fake testicles.

Holly-Ann said: “Everybody’s probably had [an online shopping] disaster but this tops them all.

“The post-lady knocked on my door and she’d only introduced herself to me the other day.

“She’s a lovely, older lady. She walked up the steps this morning and I thought ‘it can’t be..?’

My postwoman definitely knew what it was. I wanted the floor to swallow me up

“Then she handed it over to me. She was bright red.

“My dog was barking so I just looked at her, shouted ‘thank you’ really quick and shut the door.

“The worst part about it was she was holding it by the balls and you could clearly tell there was a sex toy in there.

“She was holding it like a sword when she handed it to me.

To add to her humiliation, her address even contains the word ‘C***’ meaning this was written down the toy’s shaft.

After her embarrassing ordeal with the post-lady, Holly-Ann claimed to see the funny side.


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“My friends are finding it absolutely hilarious," she added.

“My postwoman definitely knew what it was. I wanted the floor to swallow me up.”

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