Model says sorry for semi-naked photo faked at Chernobyl death zone

A shamed model has apologised for posting half-naked pictures she claimed were taken at the death zone of nuclear wasteland Chernobyl.

Veronika Rocheva, 23, has admitted that she lied in implying her racy pictures were shot at Pripyat in the blitzed atomic power station’s 19-mile exclusion area.

In fact, her lingerie and topless poses were taken 2,146 miles away at a disused canteen in Siberia, she said.

“This was not in fact even Pripyat, we did the shoot in a deserted location in Novosibirsk,” she confessed.

The model – unnamed until now – was hit by worldwide criticism and anger over the shoot which she geotagged as being from Pripyat, the decimated and abandoned town close to the Chernobyl explosion in 1986.

Video has now appeared showing her in a lesbian kiss scene supposedly at Chernobyl – and wearing a gas mask.

“I don’t know why we decided to put this geotag,” Veronika told Russian  publication.

"It was all filmed at a deserted location in Novosibirsk.

“It looked in a way similar to Pripyat and we just tagged the location as ‘Pripyat’.

“We simply didn’t expect to get such outburst of negative reaction.

“We didn’t think about the consequences…”

She added: “In fact I was doing a vlog about the environment when I got inspired by the HBO Chernobyl series.

“This is what made us link the location we used for filming to Pripyat, they just looked so equally abandoned.

"We thought it would be just our friends watching it, that was it.”

She said apologetically: “We didn’t want in any way to hurt or insult people that went through such a horrendous tragedy.

“We pay deepest respect to the story of Chernobyl.”

Despite this, scandal has increased her followers to around 13,000, and rising.

Other pictures confirm that the model is from Novosibirsk, the largest city in Russia’s vast Siberia region.

She is seen posing in Akademgorodok – a scientific and university satellite town. She also poses at the city’s five star Marriott Hotel.

Veronika was hit by a wave of angry comments for her "Chernobyl pictures".

She was called “another brain dead ‘influencer’ living dangerously all for a photo.”

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