Moment angry woman says she’ll ‘drive through’ Insulate Britain protesters

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A furious woman said she was going to "drive through" Insulate Britain protesters who blocked her Land Rover during the school run.

In the clip, shared on Twitter by Insulate Britain the motorist gets out of her car and starts yelling at the climate activists sitting near the Queen Elizabeth II bridge in Grays, Essex.

She says: "Move! Move! Move out of the f****** way, my son needs to get to school.

"Just get the f*** out of here."

Her son also leans out of the car and says: "Look at you lot."

"My son needs to get to school I don’t care what the f****** issue is," she continued.

"My son is 11, he needs to get to school today.

"So move out of the way and let me get my son to school."

After the protesters fail to move, the raging mum says: "I will drive through you then!

"I don’t care! F*** it, I will drive through you!"

Extended footage shared on Twitter appears to show a vehicle drive at the two female protesters, who look frightened but refuse to budge.

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Men watching the chaos appear to encourage the driver and tell her to "push them out the road".

"She's gonna punch her up, wait, punch her up!" says one of the onlookers.

It's not clear what happened next because the clip ends before the row has been resolved.

This comes after an Insulate Britain climate activist admitted to being a "hypocrite" over his driving tour holiday.

Cameron Ford has been seen at both Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain protests.

Last month he was photographed being dragged away from blocking the M25, and, according to reports, he took a 10,000 mile trip across Canada in 2019.

Insulate Britain said its aim is to pressure the government to install free insulation in all social housing, saving energy and stopping people in council housing from living in "damp, cold, and mouldy" conditions.

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