Moment chillingly calm ex-commando arrested for murdering parking row neighbours

This is the chilling moment an icey cool ex-army commando is arrested for the murder of his neighbours with whom he was embroiled in a bitter parking row that ended in tragedy.

Afghanistan veteran Collin Reeves, 35, was jailed for 38 years today, June 21, for stabbing Stephen and Jennifer Chapple to death at their home in the village of Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset in November last year.

He carried out the 'unprovoked and utterly unjustified' attack with the ceremonial dagger given to him when he left the Army as his victims' two children were asleep upstairs.

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Now, in officer bodycam footage released by Avon and Somerset Police, shows the moment Reeves was arrested last year after calling police to admit what he had done.

The two officers, one male and one female, appear to confuse who the accused was because two men exit the home the officers attend.

"Not me! Him!" an exacerbated man says, before Reeves tells him to "go in the f***** house".

The officers tell Reeves he is under arrest for the attempted murder "of the two people in the house next door," and when asked does he understand the comments, he remains silent and still.

The police move him slightly further away from the front of the house, and he tells the female officer that his name is Collin.

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CCTV footage shows Reeves slowly climbing the fence and entering his victims' home, before leaving again a short while later.

A police spokesperson said: "Reeves had been in dispute with his neighbours over parking and moments before he climbed over the garden fence to attack them, was told by his wife she wanted to separate."

He refused to answer questions when interviewed by detectives but was later charged with two counts of murder.

He was convicted after jurors rejected his claim he was suffering from diminished responsibility at the time.

The former commando had previously admitted manslaughter but denied murder by reason of diminished responsibility.


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