Moment furious mother RAMS Insulate Britain activists with her 4×4

New video shows exasperated mother RAMMING into Insulate Britain activists with her 4×4 when they stopped her taking her 11-year-old son to school last week

  • The footage was filmed as activists blocked roads for the 13th time in four weeks
  • The woman screams at protestors before saying ‘I’ll drive through you then’
  • One protestor screams out in pain as the Range Raver is rammed towards her
  • Other observers can be heard encouraging the woman to continue driving

Footage has emerged showing an infuriated mother ramming  Insulate Britain protesters with her car after they stopped her taking her 11-year-old son to school.

The incident happened on the morning of October 13 when more than 40 demonstrators ran out onto the road by traffic lights at junction 31 of the M25 near Thurrock on the north side of the Dartford Crossing which links Essex to Kent.

The footage – filmed by another person at to the protest – shows a woman, angry about being delayed taking her son to school, driving her vehicle into the back of two protesters, with one of them screaming out in pain.

At the start of the video, the woman can be seen driving her vehicle – a black Range Rover – up to the backs of three activists who are sitting on the road holding an Insulate Britain poster.

A woman who was infuriated with Insulate Britain protesters blocking the road told them ‘I’ll drive through you then’

After shouting at the protesters, the woman got back into her car and started ramming it towards two protesters sat in front of her vehicle

The protester on the right started to scream out in pain before the woman stopped, got out of her car and continued shouting at the protesters

After stopping just centimetres from the back of one protester, the woman gets out of her car, rips the poster from the activists and says: ‘Move out the way. I’m not joking. My son needs to get to school and I need to get to work.’

As she moves to lean over one of the sitting protesters, she says: ‘Move out the way. Move out the way now,’ before returning to her car while saying: ‘I’ll drive through you then’.

‘My son is 11 and he needs to get to school.’

One of the protesters turns to the woman and says ‘you can’t drive through us’ before the infuriated woman again says her son needs to get to school and that she needs to get to work.

The protester tells the woman ‘she understands’ and that she is ‘sorry’ about blocking her route.

But the infuriated driver says: ‘Move out the way then. Move out of the way and let me get my son to school.’

The woman then gets back into her car and starts driving it forwards into the back of the protesters as one of them shouts ‘ow, ow ow, no’ while other observers can be heard in the background encouraging the woman to keep driving.

One says: ‘That’s it. That’s it, go on, push them. Get out of the road you silly c****.’

Another says: ‘Move out the f***ing road then’. 

Before driving her vehicle towards protesters sitting on the road, the woman was seen shouting at them

A man in a hi-vis jacket signalled to the driver to stop and eventually walked in front of the vehicle as one activist screamed out in pain

The incident happened on October 13 as activists from Insulate Britain protested for the 13th time in four weeks

The woman stops driving when a man in hi-vis holds up his arm and walks in front of her car. 

The woman gets out of the car and says: ‘Someone needs to move them out of the way. Move out of the way now. You are taking the f***ing p***. 

‘My son needs to get to school. I don’t care what your f***ing issue is.’ 

A lorry driver was also seen driving his vehicle right up to protesters as irate motorists reacted angrily to Insulate Britain activists who were causing disruption on the roads for the 13th time in four weeks.

Essex Police said they made a total of 35 arrests, while a motoring organisation warned Insulate Britain’s ‘incredibly dangerous’ protests could pose a threat to people’s lives.

RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said: ‘However well-intentioned the cause might be, blocking major roads is incredibly dangerous both to the protesters and those inside their vehicles.

‘Not only will this cause disruption to commuters on their way to work, but there may be people who miss hospital appointments or worse still emergency vehicles will be delayed which could pose a threat to life.’

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