MP Monsef working with stakeholders to build 2,000 affordable housing units in Peterborough

On Tuesday, Peterborough-Kawartha MP Maryam Monsef is expected to announce the results of meetings aiming to build 2,000 affordable housing units in the City of Peterborough.

Monsef has scheduled a press conference to update progress on a series of meetings with local housing stakeholders to increase the number of affordable housing units in her riding.

The 1 p.m. press conference at the MP’s constituency office will be held following a “closed-door meeting” between Monsef, CEO Patrick Copper of Kawartha Participation Projects and CEO Darlene Cook of Peterborough Housing Corporation, a press release issued Monday stated.

Affordable housing was in the spotlight last summer following the sudden closure of the Warming Room homeless shelter in early July.

The result saw dozens of displaced residents camp out on municipal properties, including Victoria Park, which is owned by Peterborough County.

The so-called “Tent City” at the park lasted until the end of August, when people were ordered to leave. Subsequent bylaws were passed by both the city and county to prohibit future camping at parks.

During a press conference in late July, Peterborough Mayor Diane Therrien said the city’s goal is to build 2,000 new affordable housing units in two years — a focus of her 10-point “rapid response” plan to address homelessness in the city by providing relief, support and services.

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