Mum obsessed with brown tourist signs travels the world for photos with them

A MUM obsessed with brown tourist signs has travelled the world for photos with them.

Amanda Hone has visited thousands across a dozen countries in 20 years.

She once spent a year trying to snap every one in Britain.

The 41-year-old said: “It’s a hobby that has become incredibly out of hand.

"It’s quirky and a bit weird but it means I can explore the world and find really cool things I would never have expected to discover.”

The mum of two from Berkeley, Gloucs, first looked for the signs on childhood holidays, then on university trips.

She has since visited China, Nepal, USA and Australia, with her favourite at Mount Everest.

Britain first used brown signs in the 1980s after the French introduced them in the 1970s.

Amanda added: “My children are now becoming as obsessed as me and shout them out when we’re in the car.”

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