Mum-of-two, 26, had hands chopped off with axe by jealous husband in fit of rage

A mum-of-two whose paranoid husband lopped off her hands with an axe is determined to rebuild her life after being fitted with bionic limbs.

Margarita Grachyova, 26, was forced into a car by partner 27-year-old Dimitry Grachyov and driven to a forest where he forced her to kneel before the horrific attack.

The psychologist carried out the vicious act in December 2017 after becoming convinced she was having an affair.

Now he is serving a 14-year jail sentence and she is "determined to look sexy again" after posing for glamour pictures in her native Russia.

Margarita – or Rita – has won admirers around the world for the “inspirational” way she has rebuilt her life after the brutal attack.

One hand was sewn back on – giving her limited use.

The other was too badly damaged and she had an artificial limb attached leading her young sons to call her “transformer mum”.

Posting her new pictures, she asked her social media followers: 'Sexuality – how does it manifest itself?

“Right after the tragedy of 11 December (2017), it seemed to me, and I sometimes still think so now, that I am no longer attractive.

“Before I was a girl without any defects.

“But I turned into a girl with no hand – and lots of scars on my left arm and leg.

“To be honest, I have not learned to accept myself as I am.

“Sometimes I am very upset and annoyed that my left hand looks chubby and blue from scars.

“And the black prosthesis – it doesn't really match a blue dress….

'And when I wear a short skirt, four huge scars are visible on my leg.

'But sexuality is not only the look, the length of legs, and hair.

“It is something deeper, something inside.”

She won thousands of likes for her postings on Instagram and Russian social media VK.

Her profile reads: “Transformer-mum, two sons and a cat. Everything is in your hands even if you have only one.”

Saying she is now single after starting divorce proceedings against her jailed husband, she confessed: “I am not giving up on a private life, but I have slightly different priorities now.”

Margarita has learned to dive and said: “I want to jump with a parachute but have not done so yet.”

She is also writing a book on domestic violence – based on her own experiences – along with her journalist mother.

“I hope that some girl will read it and leave her tyrant husband,” she said, arguing her experience can be a warning to other women.

She won a string of admitting comments for her pictures.

“You are so pretty, I sincerely admire you,” said one.

Another posted: “Well done, Rita! Great happiness in life!”

Her husband was jailed after a court case in Serpukhov, near Moscow, in which she cross-examined him.

“No verdict will return my hands,” she said after the November case.

"And no [jail] term will.

“I will have to live with it for the rest of my life.”

He showed “no remorse”, said Margarita, who denied she was unfaithful to her husband.

Margarita’s left hand was sewn back on by surgeons, and she now has a “robot” right arm which she is learning to use as she rebuilds her life and cares for the couple’s two sons.

Grachyov was found guilty by judge Irina Pantela of threatening his wife with murder, kidnap, and causing her serious physical harm.

Earlier he was stripped of his rights to raise the couple’s children.

He told the court gruesome details of how he severed her hands after dragging her out of his car.

“I wrapped ropes around her arms, next to her shoulders, in two places,” he said.

He forced her to kneel and admitted his terror-stricken wife was “screaming” and begging him not to dismember her.

“As I was chopping her hands she didn’t try to run away.

“She just fell down.

“I dragged her to the car. She could not walk or crawl at this point.

“Her wrists were left there lying on the ground as I was dragging her towards the car….

“Her eyes were open but whether she was conscious of not I don’t know. I placed her inside the car.”

He confessed: “I knew from the beginning that I was to take her to hospital.

“I decided it a day before the crime. At hospital I went through security gate and screamed that they had to take her from the car.

“I helped to put her on the trolley.”

She earlier told how Grachyov was “totally calm” when he axed her hands.

“Unfortunately, I felt all the pain very much. I was dreaming that I would faint.

“I kept thinking all the time, why am I not fainting?

“When he raised his axe, I just closed my eyes, I didn’t look at it…(when my hands were chopped off)."

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