Mum ‘thought bomb had gone off’ after washing machine explosion destroys kitchen

A Scottish mum has shared shocking images of her destroyed kitchen after her Indesit washing machine “literally exploded”.

Laura Birrell said she thought a bomb had gone off inside her home in Glasgow when the appliance erupted on Sunday, March 28.

The businesswoman posted snaps of the damage to Facebook claiming she "thought a bomb had gone off."

Debris can be seen littered across the floor of her kitchen and the worktop above the machine has imploded due to the damage as the appliance appeared to have exploded upwards through her countertop and draining board.

The top cover of the appliance was also blown apart, throwing large pieces of plastic and glass scattered around the kitchen.

The mum posted the shots to warn others not to leave their appliances on when they aren't home after ignoring many warnings of it herself.

She wrote: "I have often heard don’t leave your washing machine on when you leave the house. Well today I am glad that I did not go out anywhere as my machine literally exploded.

“With a glass sink drainer unit, I thought a bomb had gone off, glass everywhere.

“That is the machine drum that exploded through the worktop and drainer. Fortunately, I was in as smoke started to appear so I quickly switched it off.

“Not the best Sunday that is for sure. But I will never leave washing in again when I am out. I can’t even imagine what the outcome would be if myself, Warren or Mark were in the kitchen at the time.”

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Whirlpool, who owns Indesit, have confirmed they are sending an engineer to Laura's home this week to investigate the incident.

A spokesperson for Whirlpool told the Sun: “Our thoughts are with the residents affected by this incident, and we are investigating the situation.

"We have spoken to the customer and one of our engineers will visit the property this Wednesday, as we seek to understand what happened as a matter of urgency.”

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