My baby daddy refuses to pay child support but he’s subscribed to my OnlyFans – bizarrely some are on his side | The Sun

A MODEL has hit out at her ex for paying to subscribe to her OnlyFans channel after failing to pay child support.

Kendra sent the internet wild with a Tiktok video raging against the father of her child with the hashtags "deadbeat" and "babydady".

In the video, Kendra makes fun of her unique situation writing: "when your baby daddy subscribes to your onlyf4ns but then can't afford to pay his court ordered child support".

The mum-of-one then shakes her head in disbelief and captions it: "I'd like to pick a new bd".

However, the video has divided viewers and not all have taken the model's side.

One user said: "He's paying it with his subscription."

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Another chimes in: "Wouldn't he technically be paying it anyways?"

Yet, others jumped to Kendra's defence, with one writing: "I got one of those deadbeat drills".

One more said: "Now, that's just stupid…men ah."

Even other OnlyFans creators rushed to the comments to share their similar experiences.

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"Mine did the same, then called social services on me coz that makes me a bad mum apparently, have we got the same baby daddy?" a user joked.

A second said: "Oh my God I felt this in my soul."

The single mother often takes to her TikTok account to rail against one particular man, seemingly the father of her child.

Others captions of videos read: "When he's gotta wakeup on Christmas morning alone…while you have your beautiful baby that you never have to share".

In another, Kendra quips: "I have a soft spot for dogs, that's probably why I stayed with my ex for so long."

The video comes as The Sun Online recently spoke toOnlyFans model and stripper, Jaelyn Cox, who returned to work soon after welcoming her second child.

She explained how she doesn't understand why more women don't throw themselves into work rather than rely on their other halves.

"I make more money then my boyfriend so he watches the kids and I go out to work and make money for us."

"I can’t understand women who are in relationship and let the man do everything and pay for everything," added the mum from Glasgow.

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