My neighbours keep putting DOG POO in my wheelie bin – I put up a camera to catch them but some say I am in the wrong | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER took revealed how he took revenge after neighbours kept putting dog poo in his wheelie bin.

The resident, who goes by Kysis, took to TikTok to share his disgust, and explain the steps he has taken to ensure his bin – parked outside his entrance door – remains poo-free.

In a video discussing his neighbours' behaviour, Kysis can be seen saying "I'm so fed up right now".

"I live in these beautiful townhouses and each townhouse has a trash can," the north American man explained.

Speaking ironically about the outdoor potty area for resident dogs, Kysis said: "I'm so lucky I get to live next to the dog s****er and I don't have a dog because I don't want to clean up dog s***".

The short distance to the green patch, meanwhile, means that dog owners pass his house every time they walk back from walking their pooches.


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"Because I live right here, people think they can just throw their dog sh*t in my trashcan.

"When it's hot outside, and there is dog sh*t in my trashcan, you can only imagine."

As a polite reminder, Kysis said he put up a security alert notice above his bins, indicating 24 hour video surveillance was in place.

"Now that might have been too nice but just in case they still wanted to be a douchebag I installed a camera, just like the sign said.

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"Guess what I just found? And guess what my camera found?," Kysis asked.

CCTV images show his neighbour, wearing a blue sleeveless top, black shorts and sandals opening his bin and throwing away her dog's poo bag.

After what appears to be months of frustrations, Kysis decided to take revenge.

"Some people might call me petty but I call it returning what belongs to you. Once I found out who she is, I'm going to bring it back to her."

The final sequence shows him opening a bin and carefully placing the poo in the wheelie bin.

While TikTok users said the residential complex should provide a specific disposal can at the dog park, others have encouraged Kysis to take further action, saying he is not a bad neighbour.

One user suggested he added "sign on cans saying not for public/items deposited WILL be returned" while another went further and said: "Post her photo next to the sign".

Other users encouraged Kysis to "put a lock on it" or install an alarm on the bin, which would be triggered when the wheelie bin is opened.

The users, meanwhile, suggested the neighbours probably didn't realise what they were doing was wrong.

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"Why not just put up a sign and ask that they don’t use the can cuz it stinks? They probably have no idea," a TikTok user wrote.

Another commented: "You gotta get a sign that’s more clear and specific. They don’t care about being monitored if they don’t know they’re doing anything wrong."

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