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GETTING a landlord to fix issues on properties can be enough hassle for renters, but one tenant is dealing with her landlord showing up unannounced.

TikToker KJ shared her woes in a recent video, claiming her landlord is harassing her – all while avoiding fixing problems on her property.

In the video, her landlord can be seen standing outside the front door as she films him through the window.

KJ said: "Landlord harassment after nightmare year, walking through septic and massive propane leak."

KJ claimed that after a septic issue, her landlord installed a pipe that led the waste directly into the Hudson River.

The new piping was the last straw for nurse KJ, and she decided to take matters into her own hands.


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She said: "I am a registered nurse. I couldn't take it anymore and reported it to the health department."

After the piping debacle, he installed a new septic system, but has continued to show up at her property unannounced, which some claimed in the comments is illegal.

At one point in the video, the landlord can be seen approaching the door and seems to be trying to get a glimpse into the house.

KJ said: "We don't open the door because interactions like these have almost become physical."

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Unfortunately, they've had to deal with the "creep" landlord as they had a propane issue recently.

The landlord came to her home at one point, and began "yelling through the door, knocked at least five times" and said he knew they were inside, and refused to leave.

KJ said she would love to leave the property, but the rent in her area is "insane", and the housing market is "through the roof".

She took the initiative to call the police, which further infuriated her already invasive landlord.

Viewers were shocked at the gall of her landlord.

One said: "I'd be calling the cops if they don't do anything call a lawyer and if not then take matters into your own hands."

Another commented: "Wow I would never be able to handle that calmly."

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