Mystery of underwater UFOs deepens after secret session is held that may reveal truth about Nimitz ‘Tic Tac’ encounter

THE Pentagon's refusal to answer questions on underwater UFOs at its public hearing could mean the truth about the infamous Nimitz Tic Tac encounter is revealed in SECRET, an expert said.

In the first hearing to discuss unidentified aerial phenomena – or UAPs – since the 60s, held on Tuesday, defense officials admitted there had been 400 sightings and 11 near miss collisions with UFOs.

However they refused to answer when asked about underwater UAPs – also known as USOs – in the open session – and referred the question to their secret behind-closed-doors session, which was held after the public hearing.

Alejandro Rojas, a UFO researcher from the Scientific Coalition for UAP studies, told The Sun this might be because they want to reveal a top secret technology or something even more "mysterious".

He also pointed out that would mean any answers on the infamous Nimitz UFO encounter – where pilots chased a craft they described as looking like a "40ft Tic Tac" above the Pacific ocean – could be kept secret as the incident involved a UAP both in the water and the air.

"I think that the most interesting part of the hearing was when underwater UFOs were brought up," Rojas said.

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"They took that discussion into closed session and I found that extremely interesting.

"It could be that they'll review some underwater technology that perhaps is top secret or there could be something even more interesting there.

"Why we can discuss UAPs but not underwater UAPs is one of the most mysterious parts of the briefing."

"I wish they would have followed that up with discussion of trans medium UAPs, which are objects that go from the air to the water or vice versa.

"Because The Nimitz encounter, which they claim was a genuine UAP event, included these trans-medium UAPs.

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"And that makes them much more mysterious if that's the case.

"Why we can discuss UAPs but not underwater UAPs is one of the most mysterious parts of the briefing."

Rojas also voiced his concerns over the lack of historical knowledge, he says Department of Defense (DoD) officials showed on the topic of UFOs – particularly over nuclear bases.

"One of the biggest and scariest problems is that the DoD said they were not aware of the vast history of UAP over nuclear facilities, which seems to be the largest safety and security concern on this matter….that was a huge concern."

But he also believes that the congress hearing will encourage more people to report strange sightings without fear of ridicule.

"I think one of the effects of this hearing is that it will increase UAP sightings, for two reasons.

"One, typically when there's a big media event, like a movie or documentary or the media coverage of sightings that increases, further sighting reports.

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"I also think this will help reduce the stigma around reporting – that's probably a big takeaway from this that it will reduce the stigma. So people will feel more comfortable sharing their sightings.

"For researchers like me, it's very important because now it further legitimizes the topic, which allows us to access more mainstream resources."

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