New EU chief must not waste time hoping to erode Boris Johnson’s Brexit red lines — Britain won’t be bound by Brussels – The Sun

Leave it out

THE EU’s new chief must not waste her time or Britain’s pining for us to keep free movement, stay shackled to Brussels’ rules or extend our “transition period” beyond this year. It’s not going to happen.

We welcome Ursula von der Leyen being “ambitious” about striking a new, “unprecedented” trade deal with “zero tariffs and zero quotas”.

We too want to remain “the best of friends and partners”. But we implore Brussels not to expend energy hoping to erode Boris Johnson’s Brexit red lines.

Without them he would not have his 80-seat majority. And he simply has no desire to soften Brexit. Britain will not be bound by Brussels.

Yes, goods will flow less freely at our borders. That is the price of freedom and the many new opportunities this Government, unlike the last, looks ­genuinely keen to exploit.

Even Remainers like Bank of England chief Mark Carney and ex-Chancellor George Osborne say our hands must not be tied by EU regulations over finance.

For Boris that holds true for everything else too.

Terrorists’ pal

THE IRA, Putin, now Qasem Soleimani. Without fail, Corbyn takes our enemies’ side.

It’s not hard to condemn Soleimani as a terrorist. It’s not “siding with Donald Trump” to do so. But Corbyn can’t.

What concerns him is not eliminating the architect of Iran’s slaughter across the Middle East — the monster who killed British and US troops. It’s ­Soleimani’s rights under international law — and Trump’s potential “illegality”.

Such are the warped values of the man who could have become our PM. Who took money to broadcast on the state TV channel of a rogue regime that executes gay men.

Who is, incredibly, rated “ten out of ten” as leader by wannabe successor Rebecca Long Bailey.

Millions deserted Labour because, among many other reasons, they saw that its leaders loathe Britain. The party is finished if those extremists keep hold of it.

Beeb betrayal

SO much for the BBC squealing it is too poor to continue free licences for over-75s.

It gets £3.7billion a year from the public, of course. But its commercial division has topped it up with £159million profit, selling nature shows to the US.

That alone would cut OAPs’ licences by a third. It wouldn’t be hard to find the rest. And since licence-payers bankrolled these lucrative programmes, why shouldn’t they get the profits back?

BBC funding, via a compulsory “tax” enforced by courts, is an absurdity in a new era of quality subscription TV.

Non-payment must be decriminalised – then the licence scrapped and the Beeb forced to join the 21st Century.

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