‘New Nostradamus’ says doomed Harry and Meghan ‘only running on energy of hate’

A psychic who correctly predicted the death of the Queen and that someone would throw an egg at King Charles has claimed that Harry and Meghan are currently running on “hate”.

Craig Hamilton-Parkertold the Daily Star that he reckons once this “power and energy” has subsided the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will split up.

He even reckoned that, after the breakup, Meghan would go on to see if she could make a career in politics work.

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Craig thinks it won't.

However, what Meghan would likely do would be hosting a chat show in a style similar to Oprah Winfrey's.

Speaking to the Daily Star he said: “I think ultimately – it’s not going to be next year but it will be within three years I feel – that that couple will break up.”

Craig predicted that this would be because the couple were being spurred on by the hectic saga that has included Megxit, racism rows, Harry’s memoirs and much much more – but once this was over he feared Meghan’s “hold” over her husband would slip away.

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“At the moment they've got all the power and energy of hate running through their lives – at the moment they’ve got this sort of ‘poor me’ energy.

“But when they run out of steam, I get the feeling that what I call Meghan’s ‘hold over Harry’ will weaken and I think he'll have become a very, very troubled man, very deeply troubled man.

“I feel that that marriage will ultimately split.

“Probably more than a year, I think it will take, but I think that they will they will eventually split.”

Discussing what could come next for the Duchess of Sussex, he added: “Meghan, she won’t make her career in politics [work]

“She’ll have a try but she’ll fall flat on her face with that.

“But I do feel that she still will keep on with the media and I'm seeing her… in the years to come, having a sort of Oprah Winfrey sort of style chat show.”

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