Nicola Bulley daughters’ devastating question as search for missing mum goes on

Nicola Bulley's two young daughters are devastatingly asking their dad "Is mummy famous?”, the missing mother's friends revealed today (February 10).

Her children are growing increasingly concerned and confused by their mother's absence two weeks ago, and are said to have begun asking her partner, Paul Ansell, about the widespread attention the case has received.

Emma White, a family friend, revealed that Nicola’s two girls, aged six and nine, have been asking about her every day.

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“The girls, when they get home from school, ask ‘any news on mummy?’ and Paul has to say ‘no’ and he can see the little girls just deflate”, she said.

“We just need Nikki home for her two beautiful little girls who need their mummy. It's like torture.

“Bring Nikki home, come to the sofa, with the girls, with Willow and you can have that happy story because that's what we're keeping hope for”, she added.

The renewed appeals comes as Nicola's partner Paul says he “does not believe” she fell into the River Wyre in Lancashire while walking the family dog on January 27.

Parents taking part in a vigil for the missing mum-of-two were adamant that Nicola would not have left her daughters behind voluntarily.

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“I know Nicola and there are only two possibilities: that she was abducted or fell in the river as the police believe,' an unnamed mum told The Mail.

“There is no way that Nicola would have gone off on her own and left her daughters behind. No one knows at the moment and that is why we are here to make people aware”, she added.

Despite this, Lancashire Police, which is investigating, says that its team of 40 detectives has so far found no evidence of third-party involvement, adding that their “main working hypothesis” is that the 45-year-old mortgage advisor drowned after falling in.

Police added that they have shifted their search along the River Wyre to the coast, but admitted that there is still a “possibility” that Nicola left the bench where her dog and mobile phone were found using a pathway not covered by CCTV cameras.

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