Ninth-grader from Georgia hospitalizes support teacher

Ninth-grader brutally attacks veteran High School teacher leaving her hospitalized after pulling her to the floor and repeatedly punching her as colleagues call for student and parents to be held accountable

  • A support teacher was hospitalized with a broken leg after a student attacked
  • Tiwana Turner confronted the Rockdale County student about ‘off task behavior’ 

A ninth-grade student in Rockdale County, Georgia, has been charged with aggravated battery after attacking their high school teacher. 

Video footage shows a student arguing with English Language Arts teacher Tiwana Turner in a classroom at Heritage High School on 26 January.

Ms Turner suffered knee and leg injuries as well as a broken leg.

She said on a GoFundMe page that she was trying to ‘redirect […] off task behaviour’ when she was physically assaulted by the student.

The president of the Georgia Federation of Teachers said she thinks the student and parents should be held accountable as violence against teachers becomes seemingly more common. 

The student is seen raising her hands at her teacher as Turner puts her arms out to defend

Ms Turner was reportedly covering a class in the place of a co-worker on the morning of Thursday 26 January.

She spoke to a student about her behavior, who stood up and proceeded to attack her.

Thrown to the ground by the student, she was hospitalized and will apparently require extensive rehabilitation before she can work again.

She is seen in the video trying to defuse the situation and avoid the conflict.

She puts her hands out to stop the student, aged around 14 to 15, from attacking her.

When the student grabs her hair, Ms Turner puts her hand in the face of the student.

She is then dragged to the ground, and is later pictured being moved away from the student.

Public school teacher Tiwana Turner has taught in public education for the last 27 years

Verdaillia Turner, president of the Georgia Federation of Teachers, told Fox 5 Atlanta she was angered by the video and that incidents like that directly contribute to the nationwide teaching shortage.

‘Students are out of control […] there is no excuse for the violence […] there is no excuse for children who are coming into our school daily and wreaking havoc so other students cannot learn,’ she told the outlet.

A survey of nearly 15,000 pre-k-12 teachers from 2020 to 2021 found that one-third of teachers reported that they had experienced at least one incident of verbal harassment or a threat of violence from students during the period.

In 2020, 10% of teachers reported that students had threatened them with injury.

Another six per cent reported that a student had physically attacked them. 

You can support Tiwana Turner’s recovery via GoFundMe here. 

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