‘No push’ for Harry and Meghan’s UK return as royal tensions ‘high’, expert says

A royal expert has warned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should not expect a warm welcome from the rest of the family as speculation continues to rise on when they will next return to the UK.

Since relocating to the US and stepping back from royal responsibilities early last year, Harry and Meghan have only returned to the UK on a limited number of occasions.

The prince last crossed the pond in July to help his brother Prince William unveil a statue commemorating their late mother, Princess Diana.

And with their daughter Lilibet yet to meet her great-grandmother, there has been speculation over when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will next visit the UK, as well as what reception they will receive from the other royals.

In particular, relations with the rest of the family were reportedly damaged by a revealing interview Harry and Meghan conducted with Oprah Winfrey, where a number of allegations were raised against ‘The Firm’.

This included an accusation that an unnamed member of the Royals made a comment about their eldest child Archie’s skin colour.

Now, the Daily Mirror’s Royal Editor Russell Myers has claimed that the reception for any return in the near future will be frosty. Speaking on the Pod Save the Queen podcast, he suggested: “I don’t think there’s been any real push to come over.

“I think that the tensions are still very high in that sphere of things. The Oprah Winfrey interview seems to be still very fresh in the memory for a lot of people.

“So whether they would be welcomed back with open arms to sit around the Christmas table, I wouldn’t bet on that at the moment."

Russell explained that the royal institution is busy preparing for other events, including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which takes place next year.

“I think there are an awful lot of other things going on at the moment, the royals are certainly putting their attention to trying to get back to work over the next week or so”, he continued.

But, he suggested, the Sussexes will need to get used to their new working and family relationship with the rest of the family if they are to go forwards with their new lives.

He claimed: “I think the business of the monarchy has to be treated very very differently.

“If they do want to have a relationship with the Queen, and they do want to be on the balcony for trooping, and at the Queen’s Jubilee, and to be representing the British monarchy in that sense, then surely you’ve got to tow the line a little bit."

This comes as preparations ramp up for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year.

A weekend of celebrations are planned to mark Queen Elizabeth II being the first monarch to reach 70 years on the throne, with an extended bank holiday from June 2 to June 5.

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