Normal girl started ‘unspeakable sex acts’ after being possessed by Judas demon

It's 70 years to the day that the story of one of the world's most terrifying exorcism cases came to an end.

Ordinary Catholic girl Emma Schmidt was born in the Midwestern United States in 1882.

But as she grew older, concerns began to arise when she started to exhibit an inexplicable but severe loathing for any and all objects that carried any religious significance.

She would become visibly distressed at the sight of a crucifix, refuse to enter churches and would even "hiss like a cat" at food that dripped with Holy Water.

She also began to engage in “unspeakable sexual acts” and exhibited “disturbing thoughts", according to her loved ones.

Her despairing family turned to priests for help, and they recorded her case under the pseudonym, Anna Ecklund.

It was soon determined that she was possessed by the demons of her father, her aunt, and Judas Iscariot despite her father being alive at the time.

Jacob Ecklund had reportedly attempted to begin an incestuous relationship with his daughter in her early teens.

By the time Anna was 26 years old, she was said to have been fully possessed.

Her aunt and father would also curse the girl’s food with herbs, and pray to the Devil to “repossess” the girl.

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The first exorcism was performed in 1912 but the demons weren't believed to be fully exorcised until 1928 after her twisted relatives had passed away.

Some of the exorcisms were reportedly violent, with Ecklund levitating, howling, and hanging from the frame of the doorway

During the final eight-day session that lasted from December 15 to December 23, 1928, Ecklund wouldn't eat and would violently vomit.

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Her head, lips, and face reportedly swelled, and she also was able to speak in multiple languages unknown to her.

Ecklund collapsed on her bed and began to shriek "Beelzebub, Judas, Jacob, Mina," followed by "Hell! Hell! Hell!" She opened her eyes, and then spoke in her own voice, saying "My Jesus, Mercy! Praised be Jesus Christ!"

The final procedure was considered to be successful, however, she still had "milder" and "quite manageable" possessions after it.

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Her true identity was kept a secret until she died on July 23, 1941, at age 59.

Ecklund's case is considered by theology and paranormal scholars to be one of the most abundantly documented cases of the 20th century.

Her story was fictionalised in 2016 in The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund.

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