‘Oafish’ Boris Johnson slammed for partygate as Ardern cancels own wedding over Covid fear

Jacinda Ardern's daughter interrupts her Facebook live

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Speaking at a regular COVID-19 news conference on Sunday, Ms Ardern said health authorities have reported nine Omicron cases in Motueka in a single-family household. The family traveled to Auckland to attend a wedding, a funeral, an amusement park, and a tourist attraction last weekend, prompting the country to move to the highest “red light” setting.

Ardern told reporters: “My wedding won’t be going ahead but I just join many other New Zealanders who have had an experience like that as a result of the pandemic.”

When asked how she felt about her decision to cancel the wedding that was due to be held this summer, Ardern replied: “Such is life.”

Last month, New Zealand said it was pushing back its phased border reopening until the end of February over concerns about the Omicron variant.

Arden’s decision to cancel her own wedding was immediately praised on social media with many of them slamming UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for attending a party during the first lockdown.

Mr Johnson has been under fire after it was revealed that members of Downing Street attended a party the day before Prince Philip’s funeral.

Downing Street had later apologised to the Queen.

Taking a dig at Mr Johnson, Journalist Glenn Fleishman wrote on Twitter: “Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand, cancels her own wedding.

“She has led a remarkable effort to control COVID in her country.

“Boris Johnson, oafish UK PM, attended a boozy affair at 10 Downing St the night before the Queen put her husband in the ground.”

Melbourne food writer-editor Roslyn Grundy tweeted: “This is leadership.

“NZ PM Jacinda Ardern cancels her own wedding amid a COVID outbreak.

“In the UK, Boris Johnson can’t distinguish a party from a work meeting.”

A Twitter user, Michele Playfair, wrote: “Boris: Rules, what are rules? It’s party time! Jacinda: Cancels own wedding.”

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Another user, Lexregina72, wrote: “This is leadership, cf to Boris Johnson who threw several parties during lockdown.”

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