‘Our home has been invaded by huge swarm of flies – and no one will help’

A couple say their home of more than four decades has been invaded by flies, and the problem is so bad the critter fly into their mouths when they're eating.

Angela Hickey, 68, and John Hickey, 79, claim the property they have lived in for 43 years has now been taken over by thousands of drain flies.

And the couple, from Stanmore, Middlesex, allege that their housing association has not dealt with the problem satisfactorily.

The pair were moved into a hotel after the association said they would fumigate the property and pull the kitchen out to assess the source of the problem.

But, when they returned home, Angela and John claim they found minimal work had been done – and the flies were still in the property.

And, nearly 18 months since they first noticed the flies, they are still trying to get rid of them.

Home Group Housing Association said its team had "gone over and above to try to resolve the issue".

But Angela claimed: “It’s got to the stage where we were eating and they would fly into your mouth and go down your throat – they're in our cupboards, our fridge, in literally everything, there’s no respite anywhere.

“I wouldn't even go in the kitchen, when you’re trying to prepare a meal and they land on it the whole lot has to go in the bin."

The couple say they moved into the property – which is currently owned by Home Group Housing Association – in 1979, when it was first built.

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They first noticed the flies in November 2020, which they put down to an anomaly and didn’t think too much of it.

They then started to notice the flies at night, so called the housing association who said they were unable to help due to Covid restrictions.

This means it wasn’t until April 2021 that a maintenance worker was sent to the property, the couple claim.

But, by this time, Angela and John say the infestation had become significantly worse.

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The property was fumigated several times, they say – but the flies continued to appear in the flat.

And it was at this point Angela says Home Group Housing Association made the decision to move the couple into a hotel while they pulled the kitchen out to investigate the source of the flies.

Louise Barkes, head of maintenance at Home Group, said "the team has gone over and above to try to resolve the issue."

The spokeswoman said the body carried out five pest control checks, and engaged three different pest control companies.

Louise, who said their team even replaced corroded pipes, said they worked tirelessly to find the couple digs.

"The team spent days searching hotels, B&Bs, and rental properties trying to find alternative accommodation but were unsuccessful due to such high demand."

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