‘Over two dozen’ employees leave job after boss berated intern over dying cat

‘Over two dozen’ employees have walked out of their jobs after news spread that their boss berated an intern who wanted time off to spend with their dying cat.

The IT worker sent a company-wide email containing their resignation after witnessing the incident.

Once word got around, more than two dozen people also quit their position at the company.

The worker, who remains anonymous, posted about the incident in the Redditt thread ‘Am I The A**hole’ asking if they were in the wrong.

According to The Independent, the post explained the worker was “done with the company” who cut all staffs wages in a bid to avoid redundancies, despite recording record-high profits.

They were hoping to see out the year but when they witnessed their boss screaming at an internet who wanted time off to see their dying cat, it was the final straw.

The boss reportedly said that cats are animals and the intern “wasn’t allowed to request time off unless it was a human dying”.

Although this is something that was supposed to be discussed in private, the boss just went to a corner of the office where the Redditor’s team were able to overhear.

The intern cried and left the office after the encounter.

The Redditor then send a company-wide email saying they were quitting and blaming the interaction between the boss and the intern as the main reason.

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They claimed that around ten people responded to them asking who the manager was. They told their colleagues in person and within a few days, most people knew.

They added: “There [have] been over two dozen people sending quitting emails and now the company is shutting down people’s emails a few days before they leave so they can’t send goodbye emails and link their LinkedIn or phone numbers so current employees can’t find them to piggyback to the next company.”

Following the incident, the boss is said to be ‘disciplined’ and is at risk of losing their job.

They added: “I don’t feel sorry for him because he’s a jerk but his family is going to be hard hit because he doesn’t have any marketable skills other than PowerPoint.”

The post was overwhelmingly rated NTA (Not The A**hole).

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