Palace insiders fume ‘nothing’s ever their fault’ after Harry’s podcast grilling

Report royal insiders have slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the prince's latest explosive comments about the family.

One reported source told The Sun "nothing ever appears to be their own fault".

Another said: "They appear to be making careers of talking about their previous one. It is not helpful."

They join the ranks of royal experts who have blasted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as "rude" and "embarrassing".

In a blockbuster appearance on US actor Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert, Harry compared life as a royal to "a mix between The Truman show and living in a zoo".

He also said he hopes to "break the cycle" of hurt and neglect which characterises relationships among the royals, but was careful not to name names.

"There is no blame", he said. "I don't think we should be pointing the finger or blaming anybody.

"But certainly when it comes to parenting, if I’ve experienced some form of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that perhaps my father or my parents had suffered, I’m going to make sure I break that cycle so that I don’t pass it on, basically."

Prince Harry also said he wasn't able to process the death of his mother, Princess Diana, until he received therapy on the advice of Meghan.

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Yet Palace insiders and royal "experts" have not been convinced and have done the media rounds to point out Harry and Meghan's "selfishness".

Author Robert Jobson told Australian breakfast show Sunrise that Harry had thrown his father, Prince Charles, "under the bus" in the bombshell interview.

Meanwhile biographer Angela Levin told Good Morning Britain the prince was "unpleasant and disloyal".

She also tweeted: "I am indeed very disappointed. When I spent over a year with Harry, I found him charismatic and great to be with."

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